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Algae - Grow baby grow !!! - 11 years ago

Seems to me this so called industry lacks leadership all the innovations are all in control of "companies" that are working only under the model of how to make money. Which ...- more

Gasifiers - Solution to excess biomass ? - 11 years ago

Just for discussion ... What is everyone's thoughts on using a gasifier to burn the left over biomass from oh let's say a system that is growing year round indoors ? You ...- more

Live Extraction of Lipids - 11 years ago

Are you aware of the live extraction of lipids from OriginOil ? They are getting the oil without killing the algae. See this link: http://www.originoil.com/technology/live-extraction.html Does anyone know of any other company that ...- more

Turn Key Algae Growing systems - 11 years ago

Does anyone have a list of turn key algae photo reactor growing systems ? Seeking a scalable system for immediate implementation.- more

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