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1 I am looking for feed grade algae for sell by the ton. Please contact me if anyone has a source available. Rhunt 2 years ago
2 We are Organising a seminar in The role of microalgae in waste water Treatment,21st February 2017 at SOA University,Bhubaneswar.Contact L.B.Sukla,Research ProfessorEmail-suklalb@yahoo.co.in Sukla 2 years ago
3 Looking to buy 100,000 gallons of vegetable oil per month, norththern usa.. Dreamworld 3 years ago
4 Please visit www.aquamersion.com for an outline of my ideas for a new internal illumination system for photobioreactors. PLYWAJ 4 years ago
5 could anyone please tell me where i can get the algal species- botryococcus braunii in India. Kavya 4 years ago
6 I have seen several posts for purchasing Botryococcus braunii. NCMA labs is very reputable and ships internationally. Link braunii Rhunt 4 years ago
7 Are you looking for a certain biomass species? If so, come visit our website at www.buyalgae.com. Send us an email and let us know what you are searching for! Rhunt 4 years ago
8 this is a very usefull website. i think i would learn a lot from this website. Surmapkumar 5 years ago
9 hi Im from india , i would like to buy strains of Botryococcus braunii. from where can i buy from india? Venusdharan 5 years ago
10 Hi friends i am a M.Sc Industrial Biotech student i have interested in algal bio-fuel for green energy and i would like to doing this kind of jobs....any opportunities is ther Sebastian 5 years ago
11 Astaxanthin.company - all about astaxanthin from Link Narsi 5 years ago
12 Spiruluna.company - all about spirulina from Link Narsi 5 years ago
13 Chlorella.company - all about Chlorella from Link Narsi 5 years ago
14 Omega3.company - all about Omega 3 from Link Narsi 5 years ago
15 I need to get right information regard vacancy in this field Vengatesh 5 years ago
16 myself & my friends are growing pure cultures of algae in lab by using winogradsky column. I want some idea that how algae can be used.we have brown as well as green algae. RiyaKhoja 5 years ago
17 pl I need Botryococcus braunii samples for my project. Iam Justine from the University of Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria, currently a master's student in chemistry department of the school. Iam working extracting Botryococcane as a biomarker and evaluating the potentials of Botryococcus b as an alternative energy source. Pls write me; justine.doo3@gmail.com. Thank you. Justdoo 5 years ago
18 Hi! Iam happy to be with you here Justdoo 5 years ago
19 I am Keerthiraju, done myB.Tech Chemical Engineering at Anna University,Chennai and working as a Research Assistant in SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, India. I am interested in pursuing research studies related to Algal Biofuels.Looking for universities working on my field on interest. Keerthiraju 5 years ago
20 Hello, My name is Austin Davidson and I'm new to the site. I'm a student of Agricultural Plant Sciences at Southern Arkansas University. I'm interested in algae in agricultural applications, and the growth of algae as an agricultural product. Im looking for any information or networking I can find. AustinDavidson 5 years ago
21 How many companies are cultivating Algae in the African Continent?#thinking KulaniN 5 years ago
22 Algae can save us & world Sohibaki 5 years ago
23 I am interested in doing my post doctoral research in algal bio-fuel development. Information related to suitable institutions and investigators are welcome. look forward for valuable in formation from club members. Pratheeshpt 5 years ago
24 Hello members I am new to this club. I am very much interested in algal based alternative, renewable fuel development to prevent global fuel crisis. Pratheeshpt 5 years ago
25 What is the best source for purchasing Nannochloropsis gaditana? Rhunt 5 years ago
26 1 kg algae can absorb how much amount of co2 Sivateja 6 years ago
27 It is said that foam are produced in ocean due to high DOC (dissolved organics compounds) which comes from the breakdown of algal blooms, plants etc. it is termed as surfactant or surface active agents. so can algae be used to produce surfactant???. Keerthana 6 years ago
28 Dear All, The Sivaram Research Foundation will be organizing the International Conference on Biofuels and other alternative energy sources in Sandakan, Malaysia during 2015. I take this opportunity to request all the club members to suggest and contribute for the success of the conference Sivaram 6 years ago
29 www.gosmap2013.com Sivaram 6 years ago
30 Link - A nice slideshow of algae based products Sindhuja 6 years ago
31 Algae must be used effectively to fight pollution in lakes and rivers. Sivaram 6 years ago
32 hey hello i m an student n want to produce oil from algae in college lab please guide me , i am going to present the success stories of this topic in an conference in pune (india)...please guide me Yogejoshi 6 years ago
33 World demand for aquaculture supplies and equipment is expected to grow 7.4 percent per year to $63.6 billion in 2017. Source: World Aquaculture: Feed, Equipment & Chemicals, by Freedonia Sindhuja 6 years ago
34 Know Solazyme in 3 minutes- Watch out this slideshow to learn about the company,its products and the technology Link Sindhuja 6 years ago
35 Algae biofuels exhibition open from July 26 at the Bradbury Science Museum, Los Alamos, US Link Sindhuja 6 years ago
36 Low cost DIY photobioreactor kits to grow algae by Algaetoday.com - Link Sindhuja 6 years ago
37 According to a report from consulting firm Emerging Markets Online, fewer than a dozen algae-based biofuel ventures are likely to reach the pre-commercial stage in the 2011-2020 period. Sindhuja 6 years ago
38 Would like to know about the feasibility of algae based carbon capture Sindhuja 6 years ago
39 Heliae's Volaris Algae Biomass Production Platform attracts investors -Link Sindhuja 6 years ago
40 Come visit us at www.buyalgae.com to buy or sell algae! Rhunt 6 years ago
41 Wonder what is the latest timeline that is suggested by experts for algae fuel commercialization...I recently read that Synthetic Genomics suggest that it could be beyond 2025, perhaps even 2030 when we can realistically expert algal fuel to be in the market Narsi 6 years ago
42 many grey matter worked togeather made unwanted algae to be best competitor of nonrenovable fuel source,amazing.come on fach this oppotunity & flurish oilgae companies. Sawant 6 years ago
43 When do algae fuels become a commercial reality?? Aathmika 6 years ago
44 Exciting to be back to the Oilgae club, after a long period of AWOL Narsisant 6 years ago
45 Does anyone has a business plan about an oilgae business proposal that you can send me. Ajb009 6 years ago
46 We must try to replace maize in obtaining algae biofuel UEMTMCompany 6 years ago
47 I am new in this field and willing to know about the production of energy from algae Shahanwaz 6 years ago
48 Where could I buy 20 kg of fresh algae biomass. It does not have to be a living one and it can be freezed as well. Petra 6 years ago
49 Oilgae is now recruiting Sindhuja 6 years ago
50 We are conducting a feasibility study for the production of microalgae to improve food supplies in Peru. We need to know the chemical and physical properties of sea water most appropriate for the production of Chlorella and Spirulina. Specifically, when we extract water from the Pacific Ocean for the purpose of creating the most appropriate growth medium in ponds 1. What negative elements should we look for and how should we extract them a. Chemical elements or compounds b. Phys Billkerrey 6 years ago
51 I Olive interested in extracting oil from some of the algae at Hyderabad Lakes. Can you please suggest me the process and procedure. I will be happy if you can help me. Thanking you. Olive 6 years ago
52 I am in love with algae...! Sunilnewari 6 years ago
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54 www.adzpays.com/?wail Wail 7 years ago
55 Hi frnds I am intrested in extracting fuel from algae conventionally-(without adding any chemical ingredients).pls let me know regarding the conventional methods of extraction. Rajeev344 7 years ago
56 what is the amount of dry algae is needed for the extraction of one litre of fuel ? AKASHMANDAL 7 years ago
57 ggdf Terfdf 7 years ago
58 Economically viable application of Algae could be Animal Feed and not Biofuel Green21 7 years ago
59 I'm starting an algae farm to provide more oil to my already running bio diesel refinery, think i've got all the maths right but not sure what time through out the day to harvest my algae, I think i will try to harvest 6times over 24 hours but not sure if it should be every 4hours or 2during the day Edward 7 years ago
60 I and my two friends are undergoing a project to develop a low cost pilot plant for biodiesel production from algae, but we are new in the field. Can someone help us with a heads start? I will appreciate that. MCERD2449 7 years ago
61 I am interested in cultivating algae on a small scale at my hometown. If anyone can help me on mutual benefit basis in this regard, i will b grateful to u. Thank u Steve121970 7 years ago
62 think and just to do it not for money but for public coz public is money . Vikingv009 7 years ago
63 I have a new idea you would like to bring to market, i am working on bio diesel from algae since last years. i have created a project which can produce 5200tons of bio diesel annually . each gallon of bio diesel costs me 1$ and also my project can provide electricity, biomass, water and much more. Prakashkumar1 7 years ago
64 Hello, My name is miss Emilia faye. I became very interesting to have a good relationship with you after i came across your profile in this dating site. Please i will like you to contact me via my email address at (emiliaforfaye@yahoo.com) so that i can tell you more about myself and together with my photos,kisses! Emilia, Emilia 7 years ago
65 what could be approx cost of production of biodiesel/gallon from Algae Hitesh2012 7 years ago
66 The first step would be to isolate a good strain or engineering one. Then optimize conditions for enhanced algae production and take it from there.Production of algaefuel is sure a technology for the future. The high cost of biofuel is better that the environmental hazards of fossil fuels Chibogu 7 years ago
67 hello sir, i m also doing work on algae as biodiesel. i want to buy some strains of algae. Punam 7 years ago
68 The City of Leesburg, FL. is in the planning stages of the development of the Florida Energy and Aerospace Technology Park (FEAT Park). The city owns 3,300 acres southwest of the city adjoining the Florida Turnpike. One of the city%u2019s wastewater treatment facilities is located on the property. We are searching for a wastewater-to-energy company and an algae-to-energy company that would be willing to bring their technology to Leesburg. If your company, or a company you know, would be JerryBond 7 years ago
69 Which Algal strain will be suitable for the research.... Nimal 7 years ago
70 Friends... i wanna to do a project on " Genetic manipulation of algae to improve self-aggregation " Am inviting your comments and suggestions ...... Nimal Raveendran Nimal 7 years ago
71 To end poverty,hunger, slavery, and dispair, a home size algae reactor is the better solution Newgreatyear 7 years ago
72 See us on KICKSTARTER. Link Bearoceanics 7 years ago
73 See us on FACEBOOK Link Bearoceanics 7 years ago
74 It is do difficult to get a straight answer on what kind of incentives/subsidies/sops the Govt of India provides to Algal Biofuels. I am really sick on seeing ancient policy documents all over the internet, that talk about Jatropha only. Has anyone had a breakthrough with seeking the same information that I do. If so, I would lke to request you to please get in touch with me: vikramverma2005@gmail.com Vikram 7 years ago
75 Come see my posts, over on the sister site of Cleantick. Algaelee 7 years ago
76 I wish to do an algae biodiesel project on Botricoccus braunii and Schiochytrium . This algae biodiesel project is very important for me. i am thinking about this project from last 11 months. i design the photo bioreacter also for algae cultivation. For that project i require algae culture. Due to lack of algae culture i did not started that project, please can anybody give some information about algae culture availability centres and how can i get that algae culture. please help me. KANNURISRINIVAS 7 years ago
77 oilgae will creat another new enegy world Cheli 7 years ago
78 How far algae fuel fetch results developing country like India ??? Rengarajan007 7 years ago
79 ... Rengarajan007 7 years ago
80 i need some information about macroalgae?especially kind of ulva lactuca..anybody know?? Yahya88 7 years ago
81 What is the biofuel output of a gallon of Algae? With algae having both lipids and carbohydrates, how much of each fuel can be realized? Algaelee 7 years ago
82 About commercial production based on rural infrastructure of India , I think thats the way to enhance Microproduction assimilation will lead to macro one... Pritam 7 years ago
84 i want to know which type of algae is suitable to extract fuel in small labs... Chummi 8 years ago
85 What is the future of Algae in Saudi Arabia Taghreed 8 years ago
86 We have develop own way micronutrient extrection technique from soil or say fly ash. Akbalokhand 8 years ago
87 I have attained the 3rd word asia algae conf and learn lot about the subject. We have started our company of altret greenfuels ltd at India. visit website www.altretgreenfuels.com Akbalokhand 8 years ago
88 i want to know the processes involved in the bio diesel production by using algae Ramjani 8 years ago
89 as a Biofual algae is better option or not..??????? Vedantpandya 8 years ago
90 what stuructural modification needed for an algea to live on land Marufumer 8 years ago
91 Would you please tell me, tell a friend how long it begins and multiplies the algae And what is the food algae I thank you my e-mails sotirpilo@gmail.com SOTIRIS 8 years ago
92 Would you please tell me, tell a friend how long it begins and multiplies the algae And what is the food algae I thank you my e-mails sotirpilo@gmail.com SOTIRIS 8 years ago
93 I want to develop a small-scale pilot project for the production of biodiesel. I want to use the waste algae high in animal protein for fattening livestock and milk production. Appreciate your suggestions. Waiting for your prompt response. Thanks William Torres Setas del Caribe Puerto Rico USA 9 WilliamTorres 8 years ago
94 Does anyone have a simple method to extract oil from algae that I could do in my science calssroom. Last year I did research on different mushrooms to speed up biofuel production and now I am hooked on alternative energy sources. Corinneb93 8 years ago
95 hi ,,, friends Surya 8 years ago
96 I m doing research work in the field of Microcystin. May I know where I can get standard microcystin and pure culture of Microcystis aeruginosa in Chennai. Tpreethi88 8 years ago
97 Is it possible to develop a plastic resin from algae? Danielmajzoub 8 years ago
98 hi i have a little information about liquefactionof microalgae please guide me(i am sorry because ma english is bad!!!!) Mojgan 8 years ago
99 Innovations in Photobioreactor Design - Link MiaFranceska 8 years ago
100 what is the historical background of oilgae? Zohan22 8 years ago
101 what is the disadvantages of oilgae? Zohan22 8 years ago
102 Hi I was wondering is anyone new any useful websites I could use for my project, I am investgating how chemical runoff from farms effects the biodiversity of fresh water plankton. Jane 8 years ago
103 Hey hi to all can anyone help me to get cholerra vulgaris in New Delhi INDIA. any help would be immensely appreciated Yash 8 years ago
104 How about using cavitation to break algae's cell walls? Gunther 8 years ago
105 We are the pioneer of algae farm technology in Nigeria...Klean Biodiesel Investment Ltd Kleanbiodiesel 8 years ago
106 I am a Fresh water aquarium fish hobbyist - Interested in Chlorella culture Jesurajan 8 years ago
107 where i will get the Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii sample for the hydrogen production.and list of algae that also can produce hydrogen. Suraj 8 years ago
108 I am seeking for algae cultures with high starch content and for an optimal PBR for their cultivation. If somebody happens to know, I would be grateful if you tell me. Morari 8 years ago
109 I'd like to know how successful is industrial bioethanol using fermentation processing from Algae in the world today. Morari 8 years ago
110 I'd like to know how successful is industrial biodiesel processing from Algae in the world today. Other feedstocks have made their mark JayantaBanerjee 8 years ago
111 Quiero contactos de habla Espa?ol o Sueco AlgasUy 8 years ago
112 Algae Fuel Challenge at Oilgae!! Link SindhujaRamar 8 years ago
113 Take the Algae Fuel Challenge - Link Sumukhi 8 years ago
114 i am a research student i want to know how much cost will be for one liter bio diesel from marine algae in laboratory scale kindly reply me as soon as possible. looking for your kind reply Mariamameen 8 years ago
115 can anyone tell me what species of algae to grow oil on a house sewage lagoon in alberta canada Dwedlund 8 years ago
116 plz help me in my project of algae fuel. Waqas 8 years ago
118 Hello My Oilgae Friends...Sorry I was out for giving lectures and for research Purpose,But is soon returning back to you.... With Juicy Informations... Vivek 8 years ago
119 caustic soda can be used to extract carbon and carbon contents from the environment , india should invest more in conservation strategies rather than political strategies Tausifshaikh24 8 years ago
120 I?m looking for a homemade c02 from air, extractor, or it can be an equipment for a smaller scale. same time i?m looking for blueprints for a algae oilpress, screw model. Elevalther 8 years ago
121 hello i am interested in algae to produce bio diseal and have the algae dried to produce protien for livestock,i.e pigs chicken etc Hollan 8 years ago
122 study in europe or usa Assan 8 years ago
123 i will frst grow in lab then transfer in reactor..but how to maintain nutrient deprivation cndtn as that would mean taking out the algae all over aggain and washing it..please help Wrijukargupta 8 years ago
124 I need suggestion from experts i want to grow microalgae inside a photobioreactor..but how can i maintain the N,P limiting condition inside the reactor once it reaches log phase.I mean at first i will add carbonate and start growing the microalgae..once spike is formed i will transfer it.??????? Wrijukargupta 8 years ago
125 I want to find a Doctor's position in the field of algal Biofuels XuefeiSun 8 years ago
126 Most of people think biofuel will not replace the fossil fuel due to cost factor but i think fossil fuel is ending in this world. so we have to find the replace that is Algae biofuel. Shahzad1840 8 years ago
127 Algae Networking Here is an interactive Algae Community Map for everyone to insert a description and a link for themselves, their company or institution. I am looking forward to connecting. Link IVision4U 8 years ago
128 Hi I live in Ma,Usa and i will love to meet some one in my area that are groing algae......please i will love to lern about.... Verde 8 years ago
129 Cyanobacteria in Hotspring.. RinintaDwiAnggriary 8 years ago
130 we are growing the macro algae in bulk quantitys in effluent treatment plants for treated the waste water, at the same time we can extract the bio fuels from macro algae. Jagadeeshchandrababu 8 years ago
131 Zimbabwe has fairly consistent weather (warm to hot), lots of land and sufficient water to grow algae. i'm looking for the most cost effective way to grow and harvest algae and process oil to introduce to poor rural farmers. Efficiency is not the highest priority here. Mnatsi 8 years ago
132 i'm particularly interested in obtaining samples and analytical data for both oil which is obtained from algae and also the solid remains after oil has been extracted. Are there any large scale producers in Europe who could give information and samples ? Simonstepanian 8 years ago
133 The Carbon Congress 2011 in New Delhi Link Gunajit 8 years ago
134 Link Gunajit 8 years ago
135 Hello! I am doing a research project on using algae to creak biodiesel fuel. Any suggestions/information? KathrynWeasley 8 years ago
136 Dear All, After a long time I am back. Go the website: Link. May prove useful. Shrikant Badve shrikantbadve@yahoo.com NEW YORK ShrikantBadve 8 years ago
137 Metabolic Manipulations and Carbon resouce Channeling via Metabolic Plasticity of the Oilgae strains would be a hot topics for the flow of ideas and interactive exchanges. DhirayosW 8 years ago
138 I need help about the type of algae that can produce high amount of oil and where can i get it from as i'm in south east asia Shafiq 8 years ago
139 Greetings from Portland, OR. I am new to this algae to fuel concept. Thirty years ago I was interested in algae for protein (spirulena and chlorella) to solve world hunger. But now...what species of algae would you recommend for open and/or closed ponds? What are natural competitors to watch for? Bruce 8 years ago
140 Algae was a resources to make an energy for substitute in our vehicles based on Bioethanol also Biodiesel in Indonesia. Jimaries 8 years ago
141 this oilgae club is wonderful plate form to exchange the idea nd information related to algae Rajinderkumar 8 years ago
142 i Tausifshaikh24 8 years ago
143 hello My dear Friends iam sorry that i could not focus my full attention .. Tamilnadu is now under Dr J.jayalalithaa ...the most dynamic chief Minister will be happy to know Algae biofuel blooms in Tamilnadu Alagarsamy 8 years ago
144 How do you think the key process to the production of biodiesel? Minchen 8 years ago
145 India can make use of the available resources to make ample bio-degradable and eco-friendly fuel and enhance self and sustainable growth.Most countries in the world are gifted with some sort of variety which can be used for making eco friendly fuels,environment saviour tools and sustain growth Tausifshaikh24 8 years ago
146 anyone out there AndresA 8 years ago
147 is fuel production really possible like this..this is what my 6th grader son(Mumbai) thinking for his school project.can anyone please help be a resource guide over the next month for us.thx Link Kajal 8 years ago
148 Hello friends,How are you all?Sorry,I was not here as I was out to give lecture,Now I am back again and is with you all.... Vivek 8 years ago
149 FYI, GM is going to be a huge issue in the US. According to the EPA, the rules and regulations are in place, and they will not hesitate to shut down operations if the rules and regs are not followed. Algaepreneur 8 years ago
150 Hello, Doing research on algae fuels for a university project. In what areas is there a strong demand for? Is it in providing technology to produce algae fuels or in developing sites where fuel can be produced and distributed? Thanks Moraleswm 8 years ago
151 Oilgae members please check out our new website www.algamerica.com to see our new line of algae photobioreactors. A YouTube video of our lab device is also available. I welcome your questions and input on how we can help improve our devices for the algae industry and those involve in research. Bobosi 8 years ago
152 On a small scale, is it cost effective to produce your own fuel? say 400 gallons per month/ is anyone doing this successfully? Thanks for your input Compute 8 years ago
153 Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Naseerak 8 years ago
154 HI, If anyone is interested in cultivating microalgae in Malaysia. We have 10 hours of sun everyday in Malaysia. I have some empty vacant plots for you to do reasearch on it. Pls do contact me at epulihara@yahoo.com . Gerardselvaraj 8 years ago
155 Hi all I have 2 questions to ask of the members of Oilgae, 1) Has any member actually grown, processed and used algae biodiesel in a diesel engine (preferably a car). 2) Does anyone know of a site in the U.K. that produces biodiesel from algae. I would be most interested to hear your comments. Rgeleon 8 years ago
156 This is a question for the algae experts. My company, Horiba Instruments, manufactures a small pocket size meter that is used in agricultural applications to measure nitrate or nitrate as nitrogen. Would this instrument be useful in monitoring these parameters to improve algae farming. Pamela 8 years ago
157 Does anyne have a reaserch advice using algea. ???. I am new to this field and would like to learn more. Thanks Iracema 8 years ago
158 iam researcher at epri egypt i do in the point of biodiesel from microalgae and hope can to do new thing in this field Samy 8 years ago
159 How to developed microalgae cultivation more effective using Photobioreactor? Leshya 8 years ago
160 On highways and near industries, there should be suction lines which suck the carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles and collect at different spots near ponds ie artificial ponds should be made. This would also help in sustainability and allow industries to enjoy benefit of carbon credits. Harshal 8 years ago
161 Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by using the carbon dioxide in stack gases to produce algae. Such schemes would remove the CO2 from stack gases, bubble these gases through ponds or tubes exposed to sunlight where the algae would grow by familiar photosynthesis Harshal 8 years ago
162 The capture of carbon dioxide produced by combustion of fossil fuels used in electric generation can be achieved by amine scrubbing of the flue gases which could be used for algae growth and producin oil from the same. Harshal 8 years ago
163 Wow, who knew you could do all this with algae. Damion 8 years ago
164 Here in farm country, farmers are now using silage tubes to contain their silage for winter livestock feed. It seems to me that silage type tubes could be used to grow algae. Lay the tube out on a flat surface. Use perhaps 4 or 6 inches of polluted farm waste water in the tube as a growing medium. Larryhagedon 8 years ago
165 ProDalG's website has been posted. You can also follow us on twitter at: www.twitter.com/prodalg News is forthcoming!! Msales 8 years ago
166 Use of baffles in the raceway pond may provide uniform light to the bottom algal culture Sukla 8 years ago
167 I have been interested in algae to oil process for years. It is the best way to produce our own oil and reduce imports. Much better ways to save dollars by buying foreign oils. I wish that some of your members would contact me for discussion. egon.alioglu@hotmail.com Egon 8 years ago
168 I'm a final year Biotech student(B.tech) and I like to start a small scale industry.I've chosen it to be algae as I've belief over it Gauthamshivg 8 years ago
169 It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense. ~Robert G. Ingersoll Naseerak 8 years ago
170 As a learning specialist, I am still writing daily on THE LEARNING CLINIC WORLDWIDE blog: Link Docmeek 8 years ago
171 We have set up 8x40000litre Raceway pond at IMMT(CSIR),Bhubaneswar.We care facing several problems related to growth,harvesting & lipid content. Sukla 8 years ago
172 Not so easy to get some kind of orientation here. Let's have a more intensive look at this platform. Tack 8 years ago
173 Does anyone know any algae suppliers. I live in Egypt and I need to import strains for biodeisel. SamMalas 8 years ago
174 A fan of Photosystem II and all other energy converting complexes is about to join the community. Hello out there. Tack 8 years ago
175 Check out this website and WATCH THE VIDEO. www.citizensclimatelobby.com We need to write to Congress and let them know we want renewable energy.We could even explain the advancements in algae biofuel and alage sequestration technology to them. To make renewables a reality, we need Congress' help!!! Kassaye 8 years ago
176 where can I buy chlorella to start a photobioreactor? Cristiano 8 years ago
177 we Humans are responsible for the disaster which is happening,and we will have to overcome our mistake,we will have to Save our Earth..our HOME.. Vivek 8 years ago
178 water wheel design for pond Gopalmahida 8 years ago
179 Could biodiesel extracted from marin algae cover the needing of mankind? Radumoglan 8 years ago
180 Link Jeanne 8 years ago
181 hellow evergyone. i am a research fellow in the field of energy technilogy. i want to start the project on oil from algae in waste water ponds near the city. can anyone tell me the names of companies interested in this to do in india. Shivaji 8 years ago
182 helo frnds juz nw i gt strtd up wid tis club i'l soon coupe up wid u peoplz............ PraveenKumarN 8 years ago
183 There is no God to help us to save this planet. We have to do it ourselve! AlgaeNova 8 years ago
184 I think Bio fule producers need to also set up a genorator system To make electric and sell it back. Make the Idea important give it a place .Lets get these dam nukes shut down. Plumber 8 years ago
185 We have: unlimited CO2, we have massive qty CH4, we have huge qty water, all in close proximity, large land area, and a desire to produce fuel from algae. What is missing? EugeneReeksting 8 years ago
186 I was wondering if anyone could help me with some info to get started making my own fuel for my flex fuel vehicle with algae. What type of Photobioreactor is the most efficient and what strain of algae would be best to use for producing ethanol. Rhatch728 8 years ago
187 I suggest the government offer a no fed. tax exemption (say for 50yrs) to any company that fulfills a national critical need, like domestic renewable energy. No taxes spent, national problem solved. Incentive to solve one of our big problems. Little guys can compete. Craig 8 years ago
188 algae mean : clean water , clean air & clean energy . Marwa 8 years ago
189 "science exists because humans have a natural curiosity and an ability to organize and record things" Irene 8 years ago
190 I am going to start my open pond algae cultivation for biodiesel purposes. Pls advise on the best strain to be used. Gerardselvaraj 8 years ago
191 I am investing this year. I have a business venture over $15million and I need some advises/partner(s). Let us make money here. For privacy, please, email me asap: diplnmichel@yahoo.com Multiman 8 years ago
192 Will oil companies get on board or will it be up to the private sector to establish a new oil system (algae)? I would be curious to how efficient a publicly owned oil company would function. Dereck 8 years ago
193 Please cast your vote of you like my project: Link Karthic 8 years ago
194 Visiting Algae Euro Meet at Madrid in May Sunko 8 years ago
195 we can do the algae photobioreactor thing at home for fuel AND elect. via a Stirling Engine. Also verticrop for fruits and veggies, and a saltwater wave action swimming pool for home health. Newgreatyear 8 years ago
196 I need help understanding oil extraction and yields. Can anyone help? Matt 8 years ago
197 Don't go through life, grow through life. Khanjankalyani 8 years ago
198 Now petrolium diesel becomes more costly day to day.we must think about their substitute for diesel and other biofuels.petrolium be must shorteg in near future about 20 to 30 years.algae are the one of the most plant which will use for biofuel production,but now it's costly so we must work on..... Arjunsinh 8 years ago
199 I think algae becomes one of the most important fuel makers in the world.i worked on the production of biodiesel from microalgae.if we make the techniques more modified via photobioreactor design,cultivation of algae.increased lipid concentration by genetic engineering,more growing of algae,etc..TRY Arjunsinh 8 years ago
200 what strain is best for biofuel? Prakash0670 8 years ago
201 ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI) opened a greenhouse in La Jolla, Calif., last week to begin testing methods to produce affordable biofuel feedstocks from algae. The two companies became partners a year ago when Exxon agreed to invest $600 million over the next decade in R&D at SGI. Vivek 8 years ago
202 How do we change our passwords on our profile? Utnstudio 8 years ago
203 Solazyme and Qantas collaborate for algae aviation fuel - Link Sumukhi 8 years ago
204 DHA capsules produced from Alga can be marketed in India.I am intrested in this product.Pl contact me on enviroguard.technology@yahoo.in......Mukul Pandey Mukul 8 years ago
205 Where can you find the appropriate algae in Australia to produce Biodiesel ? KatHunter 8 years ago
206 perplexed abou algal biodisel:( Dishanair 8 years ago
207 Can anyone tell me how to run transesterfication? I know the theory, but im not exactly sure how much of what im supposed to use. I have algae lipids ready to go, but I am not sure how to change it to biodesial. Thanks Eweston 8 years ago
208 anybody know the web link or journal tentan antibacterial, especially about Porphyridium cruentum? IhdaKurnianingrum 8 years ago
209 What if extracting oil and sequestering carbon were byproducts of creating structural elements for floating cities and farms? Floating farms would produce the building materials for more floating farms. This would add the revenue streams of real estate development, construction and commerce. HalGae 8 years ago
210 I'm looking for a buyer of crude vegetable oil from micro algae, production in early 2012 from Mayotte. Thank you for giving me contacts Jamesraffs 8 years ago
211 i want to know regarding the importance of azolla and its implications in biofuel Ramugundu 8 years ago
212 Hello friends,I am happy to say that we have published the next six Algae species report as the previous one and AESI has got tremendous success... Vivek 8 years ago
213 i m a microbiology student and i m doing my dissertation with the topic of marine algae which can produce oil.i found algae with very slow growth. so suggest me algae which can grow rapidly..! Ankita 8 years ago
214 Can somebody tell me how to do the culturing of microalgae... Puneet 8 years ago
216 What goes through my mind at leat 10 times a day, every day is how long of a time period are we looking at before I can fill my tank with Algae Fuel..? More importantly when is this finally going to be moving full force in the right direction? Anyone have any thoughts? Brennan29 8 years ago
217 how do identify the fuel produsing algae in environment. Rukmangada 8 years ago
218 i am a masters student from nigeria here in norway, i am writing my thesis about the co-existaence of oil companies and stakeholder in Lofoten area..i need to understand the Oilgae processes since i believe its the 21st century energy Twinkle2478 8 years ago
219 Solution to missing link in the energy chain. Multifuel Turbine,RET,runs with oilgae/biofuel/any heated wrk'g fluids (lo-hi temps),pressure stock to gen. power (mechanical/ electrcty),inexpensive, scalable.RET Hybridizes w algae production. It is All Economics and efficiency. Sannerwind@gmail.com SannerPower 8 years ago
220 Are there several important funding & tech breakthroughs lately or is it just me having been away (from this site)? Oceanfront 8 years ago
221 Well relatively new to this field I wish to know if cyanobacteria is better than algae for biofuel production? more Dhananjay 8 years ago
222 we <3 algae! Ejackson 8 years ago
223 The US Navy will use only "third generation" biofuels. That means no ethanol made from corn . The Navy is only testing fuels like camelina and algae that do not compete with food, that have a carbon footprint cleaner than fossil fuels and that can be grown cheaper than fossil fuels. Natalia 8 years ago
224 The Navy will use only %u201Cthird generation%u201D biofuels. That means no ethanol made from corn . The Navy is only testing fuels like camelina and algae that do not compete with food, that have a carbon footprint cleaner than fossil fuels and that can be grown cheaper than fossil fuels. Natalia 8 years ago
225 from where i can purchase algae to produce bio diesel commercially Faruque 8 years ago
226 Oilgae in LinkedIn - Link Karthi 8 years ago
227 There are many advantages using algae for convertion into biodiesal, but what type of Micro Algae suits and whats the extraction process? Rajesh 8 years ago
228 i need help regarding how genetically we can increase the lipid production of microalgae?? Grace 8 years ago
229 hi mr samdevelo can u give advice on how much co2 gas should be supplied to the algal cultures in lag phase ,log phase, stationary phase and is there any way to dissove the most amount of co2 in pbr Sateeshgr 8 years ago
230 Hello friends, Happy New Year To All Of You.The next report is just coming in my hands and then will share with all of you.. Vivek 8 years ago
231 where to buy algae photobireactor Kapil 8 years ago
232 Hi Members: I'm new to the Club, and I just read a number of the interesting blogs. I've practiced Chemical Engineering in the USA for about 35 years in large Biotech, Pharma, Petrochemical, and Specialty Chemical Companies I'm doing R&D in Fuels/Chemicals from Algae & Waste Biomass. Let's talk. MDCastillo1942 8 years ago
233 On the thermodynamics of algal biodiesel production systems - Link Lucygreen 8 years ago
234 Is there a Moodle system for Algae fuel? Metamind 8 years ago
235 Economy of a country is mainly depend upon the oil production or availability, let us do more work for oilgae Sivadas1968 8 years ago
236 What people should be most concerned about, however, is a recent study from the University of California, Davis. The study predicts the global oil supply will run out a full 90 years before the supply of alternatives is sufficient to meet demand unless there are major changes in biofuels policy. MiaFranceska 8 years ago
237 This group has really grown since last time I logged in! That is good news. Sharon 8 years ago
238 Professor to Obtain Bio-diesel from Algae - Link Lucygreen 8 years ago
239 Just keep in your mind ........ very important that (Allah)god has given everything naturally in this earth Wail 8 years ago
240 god has given everything naturally then why don we try than rather going in advance..there are enormous basic things we have to do..think the basic which helps lots and can do the wonder... Ramganeshselvarajan 8 years ago
241 hi growing algae in fresh water is possible if we increase the salinity of water Sateeshgr 8 years ago
243 Hi Oilgae members Happy Holiday !!! Ldvitug 8 years ago
244 use of plant source protein in fish feed preparation and pH effect from aquatic weeds in pond culture system AsemSanjitSingh 8 years ago
245 it is very important that you are not in a wrong way at begining, then have a little faith in what we are doing and try our best.(*__*)day day up Irene 8 years ago
246 hi i m student of Mtech. Can u people guide me for algae biodiesel. from where i get Algae Biodiesel. Roopesh 8 years ago
247 Link Akg117 8 years ago
248 Also, will we be eligible for carbon credit if there is no pollution nearby ? SunitBanerji 8 years ago
249 Have land near sea. Climate is pollution free. No carbon dioixde emitting industry nearby. Can we grow alage on commercial scale in open ponds without additional input of carbon dioxide except what is in natural air ? What would be the yeild per hectare ? Quality of lipid ? longer growth cycle ? SunitBanerji 8 years ago
250 100 years to energy transition? I think NOT!! Link StafforDocWilliamson 8 years ago
251 When simple peoples don't try to save the globe nowbody is going to do it ! What with the new generation my and Your sprauts ? I think they also want to have the change to lurn and see the beauty of nature ! H2freek 8 years ago
252 I'm looking for opportunity studying algae fuel for my PhD, any information? Nina 8 years ago
253 There is no Words by Which I can Praise the Creation of NATURE.... Every Creation of NATURE is amazing,There is no fault in the Creation of Nature.. We have the Cause and Answer too with us,Only we need to search and understand.. ALGAE,one of the fantastik creation of Nature.. Vivek 8 years ago
254 Algae researchers and educators called to come together - Link Anna 8 years ago
255 Exxon Mobil Cool Animation Blue-Green Algae Prototype Car Commercial - Link Lucygreen 8 years ago
256 Arkansas Researchers Create Methane-Producing Algae - Link Lucygreen 8 years ago
257 Cornell Joins Team Taking Head-first Plunge Into Algae Biofuels - Link Lucygreen 8 years ago
258 Chinese, Korean Researchers Collaborate on Algae Biofuels - Link Monterio 8 years ago
259 Massive algae-powered airship moves to NASA%u2019s Ames Research Center - Link Lucygreen 8 years ago
260 Novel algae-based solution for CO2 capture and biomass production - Link Sumukhi 8 years ago
261 Marine phytoplankton and why it is really a great health food - Link Narsi 8 years ago
262 in the field of algae we need more guidelines. first we try it in a micro scale method for this some possible experiments should be done after conclusion only make a Right Decision to venture in a macro scale. but it may be expensive in current situation. - 0 seconds ago Charankumar 8 years ago
263 An exciting article on how an accidental discovery could help algae fuel efforts - Link Narsi 8 years ago
264 There are several options. It would seemto me that in the end membranes will prevale. Probably a UF configuration. Work has been done in Germany with UF on a supported fiber. Flux was low but results were excellent in a dewatering / concentrating application Grant1668 8 years ago
265 Is photo bio reactor need for open pond algae harvesting? Akbalokhand 8 years ago
266 The head of the 170-member Algal Biomass Organization (ABO), Mary Rosenthal, predicts the algal oil could be cost competitive with oil in 7 years. %u201CWe%u2019re hoping to be to be at parity with petroleum in the year 2017/ 18, - we will be at several billions of gallons,%u201D Rosenthal told. Natalia 8 years ago
267 Rosenthal, is quick to dismiss any suggestion that the algae to oil technology may not be poised for prime time. The technology is mature, she said. We re going through the issues of any emerging industry. where you %u2018re going from lab to pilot, from pilot to scale. Natalia 8 years ago
268 The Department of Energy says algae grown on a 15,000-square-mile area, about the size of Maryland, could theoretically meet the nation's oil needs. Natalia 8 years ago
269 I want to know Dry algae sale price of Botryococcus braunii algae Akbalokhand 8 years ago
270 actually i am a bachelor in microbiology 'n that's why i m aware of the importance of microbes in today's world. right now i m doing my masters in public administration. can someone please tell if there's any university in the world wihich offers a management course for biodiesel management ?? Anurag 8 years ago
271 Algae is the maximum efficiency for Engineering economics Energy53 8 years ago
272 The world future energy lies in oilgae and now is the future Eiyenla 8 years ago
273 Can somebody help me about a diatiom or green algae that can help prevent dengue it's bioactive? Ldvitug 8 years ago
274 Can u help me regarding my hypothesis: That b.braunni have higher growth rate than f.brevistriata and f. brevistriata will yield higher amount of lipids than b.braunii. Any insights ? Ldvitug 8 years ago
275 Which is a much better strategy for culturing microalgae to produce lipids and maximizing growth: Genetic manipulation or Culturing it the natural way (Photobioreactors, Culture Media) Any insights Ldvitug 8 years ago
276 Should people change molecular structures to benefit? Lido 8 years ago
277 It time for the Philippines to commit iself to going in to Microlgae Algae as a source of biofuel as it is getting left behind with other countries. Ldvitug 8 years ago
278 How to convert Oil harvested from ALGAE to ASTM standard Biodeisel ? Kallerey 8 years ago
279 Dunaliella tertiolecta and Tetraselmis cultivation. Would any of you be able to clarify the sparging of CO2(pure) into a small scale system? What about the normal CO2 content of air? Although it is rather minimal, would it be enough to sustain say 1L of culture? 02 production of 1 ml/min noted RB RBradley48 8 years ago
280 lets talk bio energy ahead Ayalew 8 years ago
281 Today i have come to conclude that my theory is absolutely true Kimkenal 8 years ago
282 microalgae biofuel: economically possible or not? Rahmania 8 years ago
283 Please let me know some algal strains which can be used for capturing CO2 out of the exhausts. I am keen on making a commercially viable project out of it. Thanks ArunMAJLI 8 years ago
284 Algae is edible, gas and groceries from the same source! Years from now, the US could go back to exportng oil. Making money instead of spending Natalia 8 years ago
285 Would you like please have a comparison between the gasoline and algae bidiesel? can this biofule completely be substitute the gasoline in cars? Naturfriend 8 years ago
286 i think it an interesting topic to discuss upon i would like to know about the different strains of algae and how to obtain biodiesel from algae its composition so if anyone knows all these please answer my questions fast!!!!!!!!!!!! Saumitra 8 years ago
287 hello, i would request to guide me on substitution of coal on algae.how 'll this idea work.any ideas related to this r always welcome. Varshajahagirdar 8 years ago
288 Every day it seems, students or people who just "need info" request it from members here. If that's you, simply use the search function at Oilgae main site and Oilgae Club and read the Oilgae .pdfs (these have search functions too). Oceanfront 8 years ago
289 Kindly please let me know whether it is possible to utilise algae for sewage treatment Ecochan10 8 years ago
290 oilgae is now on youtube - Link Karthi 8 years ago
291 Hi, Need some basic info on the real life nitrogen consumtion for a fast growing outdoor microalgae, cultivated in an open pond. Thanks Bfrick 8 years ago
292 Link Gunajit 8 years ago
293 Hello all, Just joined and hope to learn what is going on with algae1 Sharon 8 years ago
294 want to design a photobioreactor! SanqiangGong 8 years ago
295 what is the main bottleneck of a mixotrophic chlorella,how to make it uptake hexose without genetic engineering?contact me on lzbstc@sina.com Lzbstc 8 years ago
296 the persistance&ability of algae 2grow on allmost all habitat or subtrate is the the utermost pre requirest 4 oilgae enthusiasts 2 exploit&produce various pruducts out of the organism Aishamuhdtaura 8 years ago
297 Does anyone have experience running converted diesel vehicles on pure unprocessed algae oil. I have driven many miles in diesel vehicles converted to run on pure veg oil If done right it works very well. Why bother with transesterfication if it just adds to the cost? Jl1234 8 years ago
298 A very cool site LEAFERDUDE 8 years ago
299 EBI study concludes potential contribution of microalgae biofuels in US will be modest due to resource constraints and cost - Link Mathumitha 8 years ago
300 Algae have an average British thermal unit value of 11,500 per pound. By comparison, coal from the Powder River Basin averages about 8,800 Btus. Wood has an average of 5,000 Btus per pound. Jacintha 8 years ago
301 i am not sure Microalgae 8 years ago
302 extremely encouraging group activity Bioenergy123 8 years ago
303 what is deference between bio-diesel and diesel? Sayed 8 years ago
304 what is deference between esterfication and trans-estrafication ? Sayed 8 years ago
305 Global petroleum demand has increased steadily from about 63 million barrels of oil per day in 1980 to more than 85 million barrels today, and will grow to 110.6 million barrels per day by 2035 if current trends hold. Natalia 8 years ago
306 World energy demand will grow from its 2007 level of 495.2 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) to 738.7 quadrillion Btu by 2035 %u2013 a steep increase. Source EIA Natalia 8 years ago
307 yes i need to help :) Ilhncml 8 years ago
308 Most of the planet is producing some kind of plant matter, even in the oceans, said Jonathan Wolfson, the CEO of Solazyme. 'Our unique microbial conversion technology process allows algae to produce oil in standard industrial fermentation facilities quickly, efficiently and at commercial scale.' Duncan 8 years ago
309 Several companies in Iowa are also exploring the possibility of using algae and paper waste to make ethanol for use in motor vehicles. Link Natalia 8 years ago
310 hi, i need your help because i want to know about algae oil, that's why i join this club but i am feeling little disappointment because you are not helping me. Ansa13 8 years ago
311 Brown algae helps skin buffer itself against pollution and general wear and tear, while other seaweed extracts rich in essential fatty acids, including chlorella, provide skin with healing, moisturising oil. Telegraph uk 25 oct. Emily 8 years ago
312 i want to know about algae and oil extraction from algae,plz do help me. Ansa13 8 years ago
313 I understand that John Benneman was carrying a placard which read " Abandon Hope " in the 3rd Algae World summit in Singapore ! Is that right !! MiaFranceska 8 years ago
314 10 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy for 2009-10 - Link Kylogreen 8 years ago
315 Blue Algae wants te be friends. There is nothing in the profile. no photo, no details. Veronica 8 years ago
316 "Algae have some very desirable characteristics as a potential biofuel feedstock and Ford wants to show its support for any efforts that could lead to a viable, commercial-scale application of this technology." FORD Veronica 8 years ago
317 Who is Blue algae !! Veronica 8 years ago
318 I've got the project on extraction of microalgae,i'm in need of the references about it,send me some to lzbstc@sina.com,thanks Lzbstc 8 years ago
319 The first Asia-Oceania Algae Innovation summit will be held in Tsukuba, Japan on Dec 13 -14. Link Tise 8 years ago
320 KV Subramaniam, president and CEO, Reliance Life Sciences, explains that the biggest challenge for biofuel producers is the availability and the price of feedstock. He adds that biofuel being a nascent industry can thrive only with adequate support from the government. Aathmika 8 years ago
321 Regarding creation of ethanol from seaweed, PK Ghosh, director, CSMCRI, says, %u201CKappaphycus (red algae) cultivation in the sea to raise sugarcane productivity has opened up an opportunity to sequester carbon in a most efficient and sustainable manner, with unprecedented energy output to input ratio. Aathmika 8 years ago
322 Twitterers - Hielscher Ultrasonics is on Twitter --> Hielscher_Ultra Oceanfront 9 years ago
323 It looks like that Aurora has unique ways of developing "open pond" algae systems that would result in low-cost biofuels. Although they are currently busy with other products and will return to fuel after 20 months. Arden 9 years ago
324 Excess capacity for oil production is dropping dramatically from 10 percent a few years ago, to 6 percent today, to 3 percent in a couple of years Arden 9 years ago
325 Since 1900, global energy consumption has risen every, single year. Since 1900 global energy consumption has RISEN EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Natalia 9 years ago
326 i would be very much delighted to see foreign investors turning their focus to Africa to start serious algae fuel and Energy harvest like it is being done in Asia and other parts of the world. Argon7 9 years ago
327 Despite being barely one-20th the size of the U.S. and more often overcast, Germany still manages to produce four times as much solar-generated power. Eugenia 9 years ago
328 Aviation is the most polluting form of transport, but it pays zero tax. Link Eugenia 9 years ago
329 I believe co culture is vital as all living enterties live in symbiosis. This research will benifit all in many applications. DominicPawinski 9 years ago
330 The gold dust twins of advanced biofuels, Jonathan Wolfson and Harrison Dillon at Solazyme have been working nearly a decade on their Solazyme brainchild and ran the gamut on ways to grow algae before settling on their 'grow in the dark' strategy. KRUPALI Krupali 9 years ago
331 Paul Woods, who has shepherded Algenol Biofuels from a little-known start-up to near household-recognition status within biofuels, landing a signature partnership with Dow and a massive grant from DOE for its unique algae-to-ethanol process. KRUPALI Krupali 9 years ago
332 i think there is no such thing as too much cost involved in saving the earth. the costs of failing will always be so much higher... bowl of B.P anyone? JohnGalt 9 years ago
333 More than perhaps any other biofuel feedstock, the commercialization of algae seems perpetually just over the horizon. Tree hugger Arden 9 years ago
334 More than 40% of all clean-tech venture capital funding worldwide went to firms in California as investments in those companies more than tripled to $2.9 billion in the first half of 2010. Shankar 9 years ago
335 Life has become more complex in the overwhelming sea of information. And life, when organized into species, relies upon genes to be its memory system. So man is an individual only because of his own undefinable memory. But memory cannot be defined, yet it defines mankind. Tavoa 9 years ago
336 In the next 25 years, the demand for energy across the planet is projected to rise about 1.5 times. The present course predicts that fossil fuels will still be supplying more than 80 percent of the energy used in 2030. Natalia 9 years ago
337 Proposition 23, a controversial initiative on the November ballot, would suspend a California law that requires utilities in the state to obtain a third of their power from renewable sources by 2020 until the state's unemployment rate drops to 5.5% for at least a year. Natalia 9 years ago
338 will the day really come that hydrogen from nonfossil sources becomes a leading energy source or at least as important as fossil fuels being used currently? Irene 9 years ago
339 What is a great algae strain to grow for biodiesel? Dsgirardot 9 years ago
340 Welcome you as a friend ! Basantkumar 9 years ago
341 Welcome you as a friend ! Basantkumar 9 years ago
342 Omega-3 fatty acids are not only healthy to consume, but may also have a large role in a new algae-based biofuel. During a research screening process intended to sift through hundreds of microorganisms that could potentially aid in omega-3 fatty acid production, Ocean Nutrition Canada, a supplier of omega-3 fatty acid supplements, found a heterotrophic strain of microalgae that is 60 times more productive compared to other strains. Delorne 9 years ago
343 Hai I am doing Ph D. My topic Biodiesel froduction from fresh water micro algae. i havested and cultivated some algae. But i cant identified. Please help me Karannone 9 years ago
344 i need help to construction a small reactor for growing my microalgae...somebody knows??? Breno 9 years ago
345 When you burn oil you are actually burning ancient algae ! Jacintha 9 years ago
346 House sent an unmistakable message of support to the hundreds of companies, scientists, entrepreneurs and government agencies working to accelerate the development of algae-based fuels, which will create jobs, decrease emissionsand reduce nation%u2019s dependence on imported fossil fuels Mary Rosenthal MiaFranceska 9 years ago
347 The Algae-based Renewable Fuel Promotion Act (HR 4168) means algae biofuel projects could access a $1.01 per gallon production tax credit and 50% bonus depreciation for biofuel plant property. Natalia 9 years ago
348 Jason Pyle of Sapphire Energy said opening incentives up to algae biofuel projects will mean jobs for states including New Mexico and California. MiaFranceska 9 years ago
349 Algae is one thing but what about solving one of the worlds greatest commercial problems - locusts. How can you make fuel from them? I'm talking 50,000 eggs/sq metre and swarms 20kms across containing many tons of locusts. Not just a couple of grasshoppers in the backyard. Gordondalziel 9 years ago
350 Im interested in algae as a fuel and as a biomass for fuel. Lucygreen 9 years ago
351 I am looking for information on u of Texas study on pipe solutions for solar radiation for algae in bioreactors done with georg fischer pipe. Please provide any contact information or direct me to a website for further research. Thank you very much. Mark Nordberg MarkNordberg 9 years ago
352 Saline aquifers will provide cheap source of water but how will evaporated water be replaced and how will changing water chemistry affect yields? Manohar 9 years ago
353 Dear All: May pl. see video "From rooftop to tabletop" at Link# My ideas on "going above the rooftop" are partly highlighted on CNN Shrikant Badve ShrikantBadve 9 years ago
354 I will be attending Biofuels Conference in San Francisco on 9 - 10 Nov 2010. It will be interesting to visits open pond algae cultivation in West Coast, or States adjacent to California. Could anyone advise me to what company I can visit it, and how? I am currently producing biodiesels from CPO base Aslamk 9 years ago
355 Last year, I was involved with Aquatic Resource FArming, Inc., in a scheme to grow algae for its oil. We built a 10 square meter concrete raceway for $300.00. Plastic raceways of a similar size sell for $7,000. I designed, built, and patented a bioreactor for a total cost of about $4,000.00. Purchasing one would have cost at least tens of thousands of dollars. We adopted a harvesting strategy based on two cream separators from Ukraine that we got through eBay for $135.00 each. The cheapes Dbrown171 9 years ago
356 Mixed culture of different algal strains may become a problem, one species may prevail and completely dominate the culture. For example a filamentous cyanobacteria and a Tetraselmis sp. Solgaribay 9 years ago
357 Will algae save us ? Link Isabella 9 years ago
358 Compared to a normal plant, which grows vertically, an algae grows 360 degrees. So does it grow 360 times that of an average plant ?? Manohar 9 years ago
359 "The simple question is, can you get enough additional productivity in bioreactors to offset the additional cost of PBRs?" Shankar 9 years ago
360 Oilgae will be present at the 3rd Algae World Asia Conference at Singapore (19-20 Oct). Two of my collleagues Mathumitha and Sumukhi will be at the conference. Those of you who wish to network with them, here are their coordinates - Link and Link Narsi 9 years ago
361 i wanna make cyanobacteria as a biofuel RinintaDwiAnggriary 9 years ago
362 hi Swatika26 9 years ago
363 Algae Biofuels Focus of Session at Delaware Conference - Tamra Fakhoorian with the National Algae Association talks on %u201CAlgae for Energy: The Long Road to Fuel" Independence.%u201D Parkavi 9 years ago
364 Solazyme delivers 20,000 gallons of algae-based shipboard fuel to the U.S. Navy Parkavi 9 years ago
365 Algae Biofuels - A little dose of REALITY - Link Sumukhi 9 years ago
366 I like all peopels to join Algae club and proud to be one of the club members Muhannad 9 years ago
367 For comercial micro algae what size open pond is sutable? Akbalokhand 9 years ago
368 "Photosynthesis is Entirely Dependent upon Quantum Entanglement." Palani 9 years ago
369 new comment on algae China draft paper Link RobertTulip 9 years ago
370 Puerto Rico testing tiny algae as energy source - Link Narsi 9 years ago
371 Why Algae-Fuel Firms Are Now Targeting the U.S. Navy, Drugs and Food - Link Narsi 9 years ago
372 Algae Growth Can Be Accelerated with Light - Researchers at Syracuse University in a new research show that promoting acceleration of algae growth is possible thru use of photons - Link Narsi 9 years ago
373 " Joule expects its first revenue in 2012 when it brings its diesel to market, and expects to have the first production plant fully operational in 2013" Hope this turns out to be true ! Shankar 9 years ago
374 American scientist finds new green uses for algae - Microbiologist finds new uses for algae %u2013 as water purifier and organic fertilizer - Link Narsi 9 years ago
375 Economics of microalgae production and processing into biofuels - Link Narsi 9 years ago
376 Influence of the Drying Conditions of Sargassum sp. Alga on the Bioadsorption of Hexavalent Chromium - Link Narsi 9 years ago
377 I saw in north India every open pond contains algae the water ofthese ponds is highly contaminated how can we use these pond if not than which type of algae is developed in these ponds if any body known about this algae provide some information. Abhay 9 years ago
378 Morgenthaler-Jones, CEO Livefuels was referring to the requirement in algae production of huge volumes of phosphate, which is becoming scarce. Arden 9 years ago
379 Algal Biorefinery Concepts - a good presentation from Fraunhofer - Link Narsi 9 years ago
380 Dr. Venter is turning from reading the genetic code to an even more audacious goal: writing it. !! Krupali 9 years ago
381 Adam Smith and Economies of Scale Blog Post Link RobertTulip 9 years ago
382 After oil extraction from dry algae.Is it to make it pyrolysis to make gas or for cattel feed.which is better? Akbalokhand 9 years ago
383 Burn the dried algae cake as fuel (Mahesh also had this idea). It could also be used to boil an algae slurry under pressure, like a pressure cooker, to release oils. Omar 9 years ago
384 My company is engaged in producing Biodiesel from pongamia and wvo and am very keen about algae as alternative source Shrinath 9 years ago
385 Hi friends, Jatropha curcas seeds oil can Alternative source of Energy to crude oil,If any of have any free ebook on the subject can contact on romag16@yahoo.com Regards chemani Chemani 9 years ago
386 looking for astaxantine... Elias 9 years ago
387 Whenever the culturing system is in contact with the open air, control becomes difficult. Richard Spyros Richard 9 years ago
388 Braskem, a Brazilian chemicals firm, has commercialised polyethylene a commonly used plastic resin made from sugarcane. It is now working with Novozymes, a pioneering Danish biotech firm, to repeat the trick for polypropylene, another common plastic. If its happening, it is happening in biotech ! Amanda 9 years ago
389 Frito-Lay, snacks co of PepsiCo, is adopting compostable crisp packets. Wal-Mart, is expanding its use of bioplastics. Procter & Gamble, a consumer-products giant, recently agreed to use some biochemicals made by Amyris in its products. Industrial biotech is getting going ! Shankar 9 years ago
390 which is the price of algae oil? Andres 9 years ago
391 Amyris, designs and harnesses yeasts to convert plant-sourced sugars, such as sugar cane to biofuel. Solazyme harnesses algae to convert plant sourced sugars such as sugar to bio fuel ! Amanda 9 years ago
392 Corn-based ethanol, the first viable biofuel, produces just two-thirds as much energy as gasoline and corrodes pipelines and car engines, says Anthony Marchese, a mechanical engineering professor at Colorado State University. MiaFranceska 9 years ago
393 We also have a future plan to create algae plastic made of 100% algae component abandoning any reliance on fossils fuels. Cereplast MiaFranceska 9 years ago
394 "Why make a $2 fuel when you can make a $5 chemical?" Cobalt Technologies CEO Rick Wilson MiaFranceska 9 years ago
395 Shell becomes a sugar giant with the $ 12 b Csoan tie up. Solazyme tied up Bunge Limited. Another sugar giant. Should i buy sugar stocks now ? Shankar 9 years ago
396 Sapphire Energy says that its Algae-based fuels emit approximately two-thirds less CO2 than petroleum-based fuels. How is it possible ? Aathmika 9 years ago
397 Sapphire energy is supposed to start a commercial 300 acre algae cultivation facility in Sept ! Watch out for news soon ! Arden 9 years ago
398 friends if anyone suggest me how can i get algae strain... Karthik 9 years ago
399 Market value of Algae biofuels is estimated to be $271 million in 2010 and will grow to over $1.6 billion by 2015. Over 5 times in 5 years !!!!! MiaFranceska 9 years ago
400 Hello, I would like to learn about small algae growing systems suitable for powering one or two vehicles initially. Can anyone suggest where I should start looking? Thanks, Tim Timox 9 years ago
401 Petroalgae and Algae.tec both have offices / operations in Australia and USA. Both have MOUs with a few companies. I am yet to find the Bankers and under writers to the issue. Shankar 9 years ago
402 Algae.Tec is backed by investors from the United Kingdom, Asia and the USA who have invested more than $5 million in research ! Shankar 9 years ago
403 Bunge Ltd., major agribusiness and food company based in White Plains, N.Y., has joined the fourth round of venture capital for Solazyme Sumukhi 9 years ago
404 The strong support from our current investors in the Series D is indicative of our ability to exceed milestones, including the production of renewable oil for multiple applications at large scale. Jonathan Wolfson, CEO, Solazyme Shankar 9 years ago
405 When the petroleum prices go up, venture funding will go up on oilgae business. The time is not far away. Emily 9 years ago
406 The problem for many biofuels companies has been the steady decline in petroleum prices, which make costlier alternatives much less attractive. Emily 9 years ago
407 A $12 billion investment into biofuels. Sadly, its not algae its biofuels from sugarcane :-(. - Link Sumukhi 9 years ago
408 photo bioreactor details Narenhyderabad1 9 years ago
409 In January 2008, Solazyme attracted attention at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, by presenting a Mercedes Benz C320 fueled with its Soladiesel brand of algal fuel. Shankar 9 years ago
410 Solazyme seems to be closer to making its fuels profitable, perhaps in the next two to three years. NY Times Shankar 9 years ago
411 About 30 local companies are working in algal biofuels, annually providing nearly $28.8 million in payroll and $56.2 million in economic activity for the San Diego region. Richard Spyros Richard 9 years ago
412 The Navy agreed to fund Solazyme in exchange for 20,000 gallons of fuel for its ships, valued at $8.5 million. I guess you can calculate the cost per gallon :-) Shankar 9 years ago
413 To date, Solazyme has only raised about $125 million from investors including Braemar Energy Ventures, Bluecrest Capital Finance, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Harris & Harris Group, The Roda Group, and VantagePoint Venture Partners. Shankar 9 years ago
414 The link for the earlier PPT wasn't correct...here's the right one - Link Narsi 9 years ago
415 Nice PPT on algae bioremediation of rivers with fertilizer runoffs - Link for Wastewater Treatment - Powerpoint.ppt Narsi 9 years ago
416 I start a research about algae ( Extract oil from it ) and I need information how I can Extract oil from algae ( easy way ) and cheap AbhAlfazari 9 years ago
417 We need to churn the ocean on large scale to regulate the planetary carbon cycle. Ocean-based algae production can repair the balance of nature and drive atmospheric CO2 down towards the historic norm below 300 ppm. RobertTulip 9 years ago
418 It's time for me to start building a test pbr set-up.Wish me luck!we can read and try figure it out on the net but lets start harvest algae!My set up would be an biodigester to supply nutrients and co2 and farm some methane for energie,heat and more co2.should be fun :D Shredder 9 years ago
419 What do you think about this book "Grow your algae at home"? Link MarcBEichner 9 years ago
420 necesito documentos donde digan como controlar el ph y la temperatura en un cultivo de microalgas en un fotobiorreactor tipo air-lift Albertovs 9 years ago
421 hai i m interested in biodiesel production from botryococcus braunii. so if anyone suggest me how can i get botryococcus braunii strain.... Karthik 9 years ago
422 Production of Algae in Conjunction with Wastewater Treatment - a nice white paper - Link Narsi 9 years ago
423 Am doing a project about "optimization and kinetic modelling of biodiesel production from algae".. Vsanthoshchemical 9 years ago
424 The accumulated market value of algae biofuels is estimated to be $271 million in 2010 and will grow to over $1.6 billion by 2015 - Link Sumukhi 9 years ago
425 Can "Class I potable water" be be made through algae filtration? Delorne 9 years ago
426 The present productivity of penicillin synthesis by fungi is 5000 times as high as it was 50 years ago. Emily 9 years ago
427 Given that Algae is renewable, is it considered to be an infinite supply, given the resources of earth? Tilts123 9 years ago
428 From today started testing on different species of Green & Brown algae for highest extraction of Biodiesel... Will share reports with you all........ Vivek 9 years ago
429 Another biofuel company has filed IPO - Gevo. Link Sumukhi 9 years ago
430 Cereplast expects to complete the development of its breakthrough technology for new algae-based resins and offer a first grade of Cereplast Algae Plastics? for commercial use by end of 2010 Emily 9 years ago
431 We've got interesting results for solvent manipulation on oil extraction Rjei 9 years ago
432 * It is only the silent mind that shall see the truth, not the mind that makes an effort to see. Krishnamurti Mrjade 9 years ago
433 Algae-based biofuel can have 4X carbon footprint of petro-diesel, study says - Link Parkavi 9 years ago
434 PetroAlgae, uses algae, diatoms, angiosperms, or cyanobacters to produce diesel fuel, has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a public offering of stock to raise an estimated $200 million - Link Parkavi 9 years ago
435 Welcome back Alan Schafer ( Have I spelt your name right! SAM Development.) Nice to see you back in action. Without you the club lacks lustre Shankar 9 years ago
436 We are researching a full production facility for Dominican Republic. If you have any input please post it. FDBECKETT 9 years ago
437 "Algae for fuels", Wolfson recalled. "It sounded completely ridiculous and extraordinarily fascinating. I thought it was the most creative idea in the world." Wolfson of Solazyme. Luis 9 years ago
438 ' Algae for fuels', Wolfson recalled. "It sounded completely ridiculous and extraordinarily fascinating. I thought it was the most creative idea in the world." MiaFranceska 9 years ago
439 oilgae is now on facebook.. Link Karthi 9 years ago
440 as per my gen knowledge brown algae content 35 to 40% oil and by purging CO2 in pond 1 acre pond water will absorb CO2 2.5 to 3 MT.and 1 M3 must be spread in 4 sqm ie pond depth 25 cm should be maintain.Need high sunlight to absorb CO2 to cultivate algae.Per acre 1 MT algae can be produce dry bases. Akbalokhand 9 years ago
441 as per my data 1 lits water can produce 1 gm dry algae and 20 kg wet algae give 1 kg dry algae.We have waste brackish water and about 10000M3 per day and waste land with ample of open pond and having too good sun lite along with huge quantity of CO@.Planning to have project on the subject. Akbalokhand 9 years ago
442 Just learning life cycle........... Akbalokhand 9 years ago
443 According to a study released by the San Diego Association of Governments, algal biofuels research employs 410 scientists but increases to 784 jobs including indirect jobs. The industry provides nearly $44.6 million in salaries.Link Parkavi 9 years ago
444 San Diego area is a hotbed for biofuels companies. There are 30 businesses engaged in biofuels development, with many algae fuel companies. Two of the most notable companies in the region are Synthetic Genomics and Sapphire Energy. Link Parkavi 9 years ago
445 "When you get to economics, you have to ask how one values carbon" Krupali 9 years ago
446 Companies that rely on photosynthesis exclusively to grow algae are being overly optimistic on the amount of land that's required. Krupali 9 years ago
447 Does anyone here use algae as biomass. I mean grow a volume and put that volume in a digester? PhillipM 9 years ago
448 It is really intresting to know about the methods to reduce the cost of fuel and same time reduce and treat other wate as well. Vino 9 years ago
449 What I really want to know is how to apply Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) methods to seperate lipids from algae biomass. All of the mechanisms that I have seen are too small to extract on a large scale. Rumblerod 9 years ago
450 The United States consumes on the average 375 MILLION gallons of gas per day. A one year, $3.00 per gallon tax would provide $1.125 BILLION dollars PER DAY exclusively for alternative energy investment. Do you think this might speed things up just a bit? Georgeonik 9 years ago
451 To cut in half the current CO2 level in the atmosphere will require a $47 Trillion investment. Roughly 3. 3 times the US GDP. About 90 % of world GDP. Shankar 9 years ago
452 My current knowledge accrued very little private schools. I hope your help many Nguyennhu1603 9 years ago
453 The cement industry is responsible for approximately 5% of global anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions emitting nearly 900 kg of CO2 for every 1000 kg of cement produced! Shankar 9 years ago
454 i want to know more about macro algae and its capability as an alternative source of energy. Aldin 9 years ago
455 How soon before algae is patented? So when it spreads like canola, anyone found with genetically altered algae in reactor is lost. When it comes to corporations and profit don't get between mama bear and her cub. Georgeonik Very profound statement. Shankar 9 years ago
456 1.The most cost effective way to prevent contamination in open pond is to use no open ponds! Use covered ponds -AlgaeNova !! Shankar 9 years ago
457 do you have available articles regarding BG-11 Culture Medium phosphorus level manipulation? help me please.. it's for my undergraduate thesis.. thanks! :) Rubeeellaine 9 years ago
458 Aurora Biofuels Shares on Pathway to Large Scale Algal Biofuel Production at 3rd Algae World Asia in Singapore August 3rd, 2010 Link RobertTulip 9 years ago
459 Any body interested in Waste to energy? We are a small group of young engineers , doing some serious work to startup a new venture from waste to energy. It would be appreciable if intellectual's kindly share some knowledge..... Consolex11 9 years ago
460 please tell me where i can purchase edible mushroom spores for cultivation. And that too in baroda, gujaarat Krsna 9 years ago
461 I'd like to know about analyzing instrument(S) to detect the kind of extracted oils.(Homira) Homiraagah 9 years ago
462 Micro algae is the ideal future of energy resources. Aslamk 9 years ago
463 Ithink you will be able to tell me more about helioculture Mary 9 years ago
464 The value of petroleum subsidies to consumers increased dramatically in recent years, largely as a result of rising oil prices, but has been projected to decline to US$ 240 billion in 2010 Shankar 9 years ago
465 Microalgae biotech power Godonoso 9 years ago
466 Link Consolex11 9 years ago
467 Hello, Somebody Have Information About The Process Bioethanol? Dolphinckm 9 years ago
468 In the last 41 minutes, the world consumed 100 million gallons of petroleum ! Shankar 9 years ago
469 Contact me if you would like to collaborate on researching use of algae byproducts Rashidas 9 years ago
470 300 words is no where near enough to right what I think... hahaha Dieseltwitch 9 years ago
471 I am having trouble learning which buttons to click to welcome friends and do other activities of OILGAE CLUB. I would like to but presently have no time to chat. Will try to make time soon. I welcome comments. How can previous comments be retrieved? Bobdre 9 years ago
472 The old fashioned and proven viable Mendelian genetics seems to have a type of built in "INVISIBLE HAND" that prevents incompatible hybrids from being created. Present day GM does not seem to have such a limitation and could possibly result in MONSTER ALGAE. See NY Times 7-26-2010 Bobdre 9 years ago
473 Now most of the extraction methods employ dry algae, which should be through the de-water, a large energy-consuming process.How is the wet algae as the extraction object? Minchen 9 years ago
474 Hi Chaps and chapesses, has anyone been involved with the commercial production of DHA or the large scale culturing of Shizochytrium ? What about the conversion of macro-algae e.g. Lamminaria sp to ethanol / biomass or as a sourc eof Omega 3 or 6 oils ? Regards, David DavidFrancis 9 years ago
475 We are looking for information on what would be a good strain to grow for either JP-8, Bio-Diesel, Hydrogen, etc. I understand that Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is used for hydorgen. Then I need to know what is best for fertilizer, lighting, temp, etc, for maximum growth. We will have a lot of CO2. Dougelyle 9 years ago
476 I need help about my research concept paper..DX Maureen 9 years ago
477 Someone have some tips on a specific medium for Macrocystis? Gurquieta 9 years ago
478 I believe Originoil just may be the most important company in the race to prove the feasibility of Algae oil today. If their claims are true then we are on our way to expand the use of Algae fuel. Why was Australia was the first to implement the use of their inventions instead the USA? Fritchie 9 years ago
479 Solar powered bioreactor. Wind, wave and solar power are not cost effective. Algalsolution is the first green energy company to achieve cost effectivity with their patented Solar powered algal bioreactor. To see more www.algalsolution.com Algalsolution 9 years ago
480 Algae culture contamination is a problem of sterile cultures. In open ponds alagae always have higher uptake faculity then microorganisms. Microrganisms break down organic to simple non organic molecules, containing biogenic elements then algae always win the battle for inorganic substrate. Onish 9 years ago
481 As a Learning Specialist they call "the Brain Guy," I am blogging every day on THE LEARNING CLINIC WORLDWIDE. Yesterday was on Autism and today is Why China is Passing Us. - Doc Meek, Tuesday, July 27, 2010, at South Jordan, Utah, USA. Link Docmeek 9 years ago
482 Most people working on algae seem to be focussed on algae a source of biofuel and on harvesting algae to use it. Diatom Algae as food for fish and oxygen from diatoms is perhaps the most economical and profitable use of algae. Both these do not require harvesting the diatoms. Bhaskarmv 9 years ago
483 Please let me know the most famous researcher in the field of algae business in India. We would like to invite him/her to the first algae biomass summit in Japan in this coming December. Thank you. Tise 9 years ago
484 We remove literally tons of algea from ponds each year in Indiana. There has to be a more productive need for this algae. Waterwaysrestoration 9 years ago
485 Hi! I am new here, it's all so exciting about biofuel, but I wonder if it's possible to produce biodiesel at the moment and how. Can anybody answer? Billplatanos 9 years ago
486 LOOKING FOR ALGAE OIL QUOTES...is there anytrader in algae oil here? many thanks, GV Greenveda 9 years ago
487 I am greatly interested in understanding and exploring the potential of algae. Want to focus and think of ways to bring this to the masses. Vishuonline 9 years ago
488 The link to the U.S. Department of Energy's National Algal Biofuels Roadmap [pdf]. is at the end of the first paragraph of this article on energyboom.com. It is very detailed and interesting Link Kassaye 9 years ago
489 I had an interesting thought from one of our newsletter readers on harvesting: "Could a belt filter press be used to filter large amounts of algae like the the units that are used in waste water treatment plants? A small amount of polymer may be needed to coagulate the slurry." Hmmm..a combo... Narsi 9 years ago
490 I am somewhat concerned that GM strains of algae may cause environmental problems if they become widespread. Much recent industry funding (eg. Exxon, Chevron, etc.) seems to be directed toward GM patented strains (eg Solazyme,etc) rather than the more than 60000 known natural species. Bobdre 9 years ago
491 Algae are extremely interesting for me. Interested in thin layer continuous flow bio-reactors for industrial implementation. Mirom 9 years ago
492 i want to detaling reserch work in algae Naina 9 years ago
493 I think algae can be key to help solving some of the world's major problems, such as CO2 mitigation and wastewater treatment. Energaia1 9 years ago
494 I am new to this industry. Have seen lot of videos about algae oil and amused by them. Want to know more whether any normal person (who is not an entrepreneur or industrialist )can do this or did this? And what are the hurdles in it? Want to know more about open pond alage Culture. Raajivbaagad 9 years ago
495 Is it viable enough for SME's to venture into the business of Algae fuels? Consolex11 9 years ago
496 I hope Algae's fuel will be possible for commercial production soon!! Do you think same me?? Yodsavadee 9 years ago
497 ITS ALL ABOUT MAN KIND Shafique 9 years ago
498 microalgal culture in big volume may not be the problem but harvest of these microalgae in huge volume is usually encountered... Solgaribay 9 years ago
499 I am doing my masters in Sustainable Technolgy at the Indian institute of science.I am working on waste water treatment by algae and possible ways to harvest and recover energy from them. Priyanka 9 years ago
500 I say eventhough we know that we can get Biodiesel fron algae but we are unable to utilize them, Y do you think it is so? Because, the process we are thinking is only theoritical but practically it is not productive which need lots of reseach but.... Pardhu42 9 years ago
501 I think renewable is better than drill-able. Drewlayda 9 years ago
502 I just want to learn about algae really, I speak spanish sorry for my english. Andres 9 years ago
503 Microalgae are potential biofuel feedstocks that can provide solutions to the twin challenges of energy security and environmental pollution. It is a very sustainable fuel considering its applications in wastewater treatment and carbon biosequestration and also producing biodiesel simultaneously. Anand 9 years ago
504 Last part Hold your thoughts together To heal your mother When will you realize You most start now Come join us And we will heal our mother Ggomond 9 years ago
505 the second part. When will you start? When will you realize It is not to late Let us join together The healing starts with you What will you do? Hold your hands together To heal your mother Send your love together To heal your mother Hold your thoughts together To heal your mother When will you r Ggomond 9 years ago
506 The following is a poem I wrote Mother Earth Your mother is dieing What will you do? Your mother is in pain What will you do? Your mother is bleeding What will you do? You have raped her When will you stop? You have abused her When will you stop? She has cried out for your help When will you star Ggomond 9 years ago
507 Need help in building a school-based kit to make biobutanol, or methanol or ethanol from algae. Dkarp 9 years ago
508 be green not black.. Morion76 9 years ago
509 I am specially interested on strain selection Memovelez 9 years ago
510 Let me listen to what is to be learnt. I believe Algae is the promise and possibility. Genetic engineering and increased efficiencies of growth, harvesting and extraction of the end product are challenges which our available science can meet and solve. Time and effort are the answers. MobarakHaider 9 years ago
511 Hi My friend is looking for algae farm to work in have you heard about one? BIG THANX Michal 9 years ago
512 Algae are the promising source of food for the future... especially vegetarian... ThoufikRahuman 9 years ago
513 ALGAE bio fuel will reduce pollution. cost of production is low with low input we can get more yield. Anbarasan 9 years ago
514 Algae biofuel solves many of the world%u2019s problems: stops pollution, creates a fairer distribution of money to developing countries, and promotes jobs and business development. Patriciaroland07 9 years ago
515 Please help me cultivate algae. Mikan100 9 years ago
516 Hello everyone...am interested in setting up algal bio fuel production system..il be greatful if you'l help me..as to how to go about.. Elveena 9 years ago
517 There is only one thing constant in this world "The Change" Mrjade 9 years ago
518 Hello all, i wish to contact my friends on this network saying God bliss you all.I will your email to contact you. regards chemani Chemani 9 years ago
519 Link This is my and my partner's patent. Hkurzweil 9 years ago
520 photolysis of water- can we use this for producing clean energy from water???????????? ThoufikRahuman 9 years ago
521 cultivation of algae and extraction of raw materials from them is - near environmentally friendly business Exces 9 years ago
522 i want to use water as a fuel by the process of electrolysis Asif 9 years ago
523 Algae Ketan76 9 years ago
524 im doing research on algae biofuel so i can finish my design thesis on an algae research and development facility. but...what exactly is in and can be found in such facility? can someone help me? thaaaaanks! :D Angelocantalejo 9 years ago
525 Ineed expert guidence for cultivate algae on abadon shrimp farm ponds out of seawater what type of algae should i cultivat to extract biomess and export to biofuel producing companies plz advise Rifkhan 9 years ago
526 PHOTOBIOREACTORS! NOW! The earth is dying. Lets help save it with algae!! Photobioreactors seem so very promising to me. I wish we could speed up the process and get them running at optimal efficiency. We need to prove to the world that this is a viable alternative energy source. Kassaye 9 years ago
527 I need expert guidance and opinion based on experience. I have been asked by my associates to help them create what might be the largest commercial algae-oil enterprise to date. Please read my profile for a more detail description of the project. Thanks......Bill Bmassey 9 years ago
528 I want to Know about the biodiesel production from algae and get full information their production processing Lab. to scale up so plz give me infoemation for this thing like any book or any website etc plz... Romesh 9 years ago
529 Am interested in starting a firm which makes diet supplements produced from algae,this is according to me is a starting step through which i later on enhance my firm to algal oil production.Please help with necessary suggestions,plans,layouts,budgets etc... Vign2211 9 years ago
530 amazing, interested to start a pond and searching for seed for cultivation. Shrinath 9 years ago
531 I want to know how cultivate algae and extract their essential elements Pipelongas 9 years ago
532 Hi, I am happy to belong to online community and I will like to share ideas others members Thanks chemani Chemani 9 years ago
533 is there possibility to grow the micro-alage in municipal waste? the waste contains lot of organic materials? or can we grow them in industrial effluents arising from the garments, dairy , food industry? beacuse there may be some glucose or any other organic material? any idea? Indresh 9 years ago
534 I have been suuccessful in extracting oil from algae called-scenedesmus sp.which is a fresh water easily available algae.it is cheap also.the oil content is also high.it was extracted by transesterification process & base catalysed mechanism. Nafisa 9 years ago
535 my blog about what important things are happening with algae, biofuels and big oils: www.biosualizabioenergia.blogspot.com (its in spanish) Elias 9 years ago
536 Hey All, I found good article on cultivation of spirulina algae cultivation from NRDC (National Research Development Corporation of India)at Link Dipalgae 9 years ago
537 Any process which can yield fuel must be viable, fiesible and ,of course, cost effective.Let us compare microdiesel and algae diesel processes.Besides, let us allow nanotechnology to contribute further in these areas. Skchakarvarti 9 years ago
538 hi hi Lidia 9 years ago
539 I like this page ! ZalanZemplenyi 9 years ago
540 30 Most Transformative Technologies of 2010 - algae fuel companies such as algenol, origin oil, solazyme and petroalgae are listed - Link Parkavi 9 years ago
541 Nice and detailed article on macroalgae based biofuels. OK, we have covered this much earlier at Oilgae, and we even have a special report made, but this is a useful article too - Link Narsi 9 years ago
542 Hi Friends, please have a look at book available for "making algae photobioreactor at home". It is available at following web-link: Link I don't have idea about how feasible and productive it is. Please have discussion - comments on this. Dipalgae 9 years ago
543 I would like to interact with people who wish to model Algae fuel as an industry, just like petrochemical industry. DanielRaju 9 years ago
544 Industrial Algae production has a long way to go. more efforts are required from Researchers to present the study material to enterpenors, industries & investors. DanielRaju 9 years ago
545 i hope an algae waste treatment will be my solution. Oooo 9 years ago
546 I finished my engg... I became an Biotech engineer Mahesh 9 years ago
547 I am really looking forward to know more about algae and it's benefit in wastewater treatment? Alemayehu 9 years ago
548 I'd like to see a public/private challenge --- the prize, a 10 year contract from a consortium of public and private energy users for the purchase of 1 billion gallons annually of algae derived bio-diesel. Kn3200 9 years ago
549 I lost my way to research on biodiesel production from microalgae. Do you think biodiesel production should be separatly researched from wastewater treament? Is it impossible? Leeth55 9 years ago
550 I am Dr K. Dhandayuthapani, Asst Professor, Dept of Biotechnology, SSIET, Chennai, My ph.d work is algal biotechnology, i very interested to wokr in microalgae feild, anybody interest plz contact me kdpani_bio@yahoo.co.in Algaepani 9 years ago
551 I have been following the progress in algea since 2002 and will do so in the future.. Amil001 9 years ago
552 I am in need of great help from ppl. I am entering my final year now and the next semester I ought to do a dissertation project. I am very sure it is to be in algal biofuel and biomass in particular. but don no which institute is good and main which i ll get . do help. Jithesh 9 years ago
553 Hello All, Is making algae or producing algae is so simple that we create a pond and put few algae into it, then that algae sample will grow more and will give us vast production? or is there any other way for it? Please guide me on that. Ashishjadhav 9 years ago
554 we need all of ur help.thnx Khirodini4indbiot 9 years ago
555 Is anybody applying to de ABS?? GSAN 9 years ago
556 I have already been a member. I started this new account because I could not remember my original ID. If one of you recognizes me from my original account please forward me my original ID from my first account. I know this sounds really stupid but I just can't remember.Just to much going on. Johnclark 9 years ago
557 I am particularly interested to learm about ,arge scale macroalgal projects. Does anyone have any detailed information on the proposed Japanese Sunrise Program for large scale cultivation? MarkJames 9 years ago
558 New to the site. Looking forward to learning, sharing and contributing to this exciting new industry. Glacierman 9 years ago
559 This can control the economy and so the inflation if we produce this oil on large scale, And will help the environment. Ashishjadhav 9 years ago
560 Its very recent topics. I am very much interested in production of biodiesel in fresh water algae. Kohila3005 9 years ago
561 Algae will give us fuel in near future. Partha 9 years ago
562 why is this process taking so long Stevenfarquhar 9 years ago
563 I am interested in home production of algae fuels primarily. Everything I have is a diesel however the diversity of algae is intriguing. I read that home production may still be a few year away. AndrewJake 9 years ago
564 I am interested in macroalgae harvesting and fuel extraction. Specifically, I'd like thoughts concerning the possibility of a complete loop system whereby the fuel extracted is used to power a salt water fish farming facility as well as utilizing seaweed/macroalgae to feed fish such as barramundi. RickS 9 years ago
565 Please help me with my Investigatory Project.It is about the making biofuel from algae. Mikan100 9 years ago
566 Hey, I read here that Spirulina can be used to turn Co2 into biofuel??? Can anybody give me some info, please?? Thank you daniwl Skywalker89 9 years ago
567 In your opinion,how many litres of Algae would produce 5 grams per day (approximately) Algalsolution 9 years ago
568 any setup should be 101% green piece of old tackie co2 from elect plant exhaust driven by renewable biomass nutrients from animal dung protien and feed for animals, partly from dry algae/dung fertilized pastures all vehicles fueled by green fuel bingo...................... AntonHuman 9 years ago
569 is there someone who is able to explain what's going on inside photobioreactors? how PBR's get CO2 and nutritions? how they are harvested, with taking out newly produced algae? There is also a heat production with photosynthesis, how can it be used? I will try to find out. Rock 9 years ago
570 LED and Algae are perfect match. Hkurzweil 9 years ago
571 Happy environment day! Nehapatil 9 years ago
572 Here at www.algalsolution.com we believe we have produced Biofuel cost effectively. Does anybody know the going rate for 100,000. Litres of Biofuel here in England. Algalsolution 9 years ago
573 I have an "ignorant" question: in conjunction with the advance of algae bio-fuel, is anyone working on a personal use hydrocarbon fuel cell? I know hydrocarbons fouled the catalyst very quickly. But now, with the variety of catalysts being used (Ag, Ni, Mg), is that better? Xenon281 9 years ago
574 Hi everyone, i am making a report on the 'toxicity of algal oil cake'. it would be a great help if anyone could help me by providing substantial material or research papers related to it. Thanks. Ariz 9 years ago
575 Imagine and dreams with algae all dreams become fact Algaelover 9 years ago
576 Bekons Industries Eyes Goa to Cultivate Algae - Beckons Industries Ltd (BIL) has commenced operations for taking the development of Algae Photobioreactor Technology at sunny Goa.Link Parkavi 9 years ago
577 SSOE Group will draw up a preliminary engineering design for the 40-acre facility on behalf of algae fuel company Phycal LLC. - Link Parkavi 9 years ago
578 Only recently have I realised the huge potential in Algae Biodiesel. Its potential in solving the global power crises is huge. I am interested in working in this field and am looking for interesting people to partner with. Archit 9 years ago
579 Biodiesel from algae may be the solution for energy provided water requirement is reasonable and not 4 cubm per sqm surface area in raceway pond. Any solution? Do not say waste water as the same is not available in areas away from cities in India. Power/cement plants are away from cities. ArunKGupta 9 years ago
580 I think that biofules from algae are the future! Bobfrog63 9 years ago
581 I am a very small business owner with a prior background in industrial science. I want to produce my own algea biodiesel with an anual production of between eight and fifteen thousand gallons of algeadiesel by means of closed loop system. Any recomendations on starting? Jerry407 9 years ago
582 Today i was watching a documentary on "blue gold" which explored the possiblity of wars fought over water. So in 50 years don't say i didn't warn you. Joel 9 years ago
583 Sapphire Energy recieved 100 million dollars from DOE to produce algae fuel using open ponds. In that DOE summary column they name Dynamic Fuels a partner for processing their algae. Ticker is SYNM about $2.10. Dynamic Fuels is in Geimar, Louisianna they are 50% owned by Tyson Foods. Chuck 9 years ago
584 I have found a linear growth behavior in Chlorella strain, anyone has similar results? GSAN 9 years ago
585 hello This is the first time i am hear about algae and will to learn more about this subject and the benfits to our planet,humanity in the whole and if this is the answer to the world fuel dependant on crude oil this might be the answer for the little i have read just a point for me understnding . Bonnysingh 9 years ago
586 welcome all algae members from Myanmar Kkyaaw 9 years ago
587 AS an Investor I wish to assit in the development of Algae based projects in Sri Lanka. Senantony 9 years ago
588 Toyota will team up with Chuo University and Japan%u2019s Agriculture Ministry to begin a research project with the aim to produce biofuel from the algae Pseudochoricystis - Link Narsi 9 years ago
589 In the north-east many home owners have pellet stoves,could alge be made into pellets to be used in a pellet stove? CalvinTaylor 9 years ago
590 Where to start??? OK, so I'm a little late to the game. I'm looking for suggestions on where to start reading about algae for biofuel, and want to start with the basics, all the way through theory on PBR design. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks, Ian IanJ 9 years ago
591 hi there is there people out there with glycrol my product can biodegrade it to make biofuel Richardharley 9 years ago
592 I am a Senior Biofuels Recruiting Specialist. I have successfully placed Candidates in 25 companies in the Biofuels Digest Top 50 Biofuels companies. I am especially interested in algae biofuels and have placed Senior Level Candidaters in multiple algae biofuels companies. I need Candidates! Mason 9 years ago
593 The Idea of Oil companies funding Algea reseach is grate. I wish they would have gotten into it sooner. They have a monopoly at present. If they want to keep it they will have to jump on the waggon that leads to the future of energy supply, and Algea is just that. John1618phi 9 years ago
594 Algae is the power of future Hkurzweil 9 years ago
595 Algae is one of the most important potential sources for food, feed, medicine etc. We have to create awareness about the algae as food instead of using plants. Murugesan5 9 years ago
596 . Murugesan5 9 years ago
597 I want to know more about microaglae Knewson 9 years ago
598 It is great to belong to this group. Hopefully we will all benefits from its membership. Rubendarios 9 years ago
599 While there is truth in Mr. Benemann's statement (he has been working in this field for a long time), it is also true that large strides are being made in the technology. Algae Ventures has made dewatering progress, Origin Oil has made oil recovery progress. So progress is being made. Wordwaryor 9 years ago
600 bio-diesel from algae Buagate 9 years ago
601 Does anyone have any data regarding Co2 levels close to Electricity and Cement plants Algalsolution 9 years ago
602 In Arizona, the Algal Biomass Organization is inviting submission of abstracts for the program of the 4th Annual Algae Biomass Summit which will take place September 28-30 at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix. Parkavi 9 years ago
603 Great! this is great! Moeyssn 9 years ago
604 ..... Abyjain 9 years ago
605 iam looking journal about cultivation of algae to produce bioethanol, need help. Erychs 9 years ago
606 what is the most economy way to grow algae and which type of algaes are mean to produce sprina for phamaceytical usage? NICSONLEE 9 years ago
607 ....the future of the energy industry lies not in the already existing knowledge in renewable energies, but in our power to renew the available knowledge and take it to greater heights. Elviskhamala 9 years ago
608 Under what conditions can biosel be produced from algae Oluwole 9 years ago
609 Can we produce Alage in Gujarat's atmoshphere which is very hot indeed Mlmaniyar 9 years ago
610 We supply all kinds of edible and crude, and all forms of edible oil, Origin of the oil is: Malaysia, we supply Cocoa Butter, Soyabean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil,Palm Oil, palm oil CP 8 or CP 10, Vegetable Oil, Biodiesel Oil, Jatropha Oil, RBD Palm Olein, Glycerine e.t.c Realoiltd 9 years ago
611 great future in it Anantwarungase 9 years ago
612 Earn Money with the object of Save Environment Mlmaniyar 9 years ago
613 Just curious... algae blooms in bodies of water that create "Dead Zones" are fed by fertilizer run off, correct? If you could make this algae bloom happen before it hits the oceans and waterways, wouldn't you be killing a number of birds with one stone? Cleaner oceans, biofuel, food, fertilizer,.... RonBr 9 years ago
614 can you please tell me which algae gives more lipids contents??????? RajeevNain 9 years ago
615 Karnataka govt has already started this project by using biodiesel produced from Mahua seeds to run some of their local transport vehicles Vign2211 9 years ago
616 As sudden conversion of all diesel vehicles to biodiesel one is impossible,mainly because ,we dont have biodiesel pumps like petrol and diesel pumps, initiative should be taken in public transportation systems,atleast biodiesel pumps can be set up at bus stands. Vign2211 9 years ago
617 I'm thinking about a new culture medium to grow algae... GSAN 9 years ago
618 HI there ive a product that can help grow algae intrested e.mail me at harleyrichard82@googlemail.com Ill send you a copy of what it is regards richard Richardharley 9 years ago
619 Just joined. I would appreciate to look around. Psvarbanov 9 years ago
620 Park your mind Goldenages77 9 years ago
621 First of i would like to say that about algal biofuels we need to improved strains improvement and its oil productivity.because without feed stock we cannot developed a large scale production of biodiesel. so working on strain development is really a big deal. RajeevNain 9 years ago
622 hi I am looking to do my masters in US in Biofuel field...Any one please suggest me few universities doing very good reserch in this field. Pami 9 years ago
623 Synthetic genomics is back in news with its new synthetic life form of Mycoplasma mycoids Parkavi 9 years ago
624 any one know the details about how make biodesel from algae please send the details geothomas26@yahoo.com.and resource of vegetable oil in south India.(below 20 rupees/liter) Geothomas26 9 years ago
625 Working on cost reduction strategies in mixing of open algae cultivation ponds. Parkavi 9 years ago
626 I'd like to know more about biodiesel fuel from algae. What type to grow, how to harvest, how to conduct transesterification. Cbodie 9 years ago
627 very newbie guy i am. most interested in 'big idea' of biomass algae. would like to get involved somehow....... Czaxs 9 years ago
628 I am designing a photobioreactor, and would like to share ideas to maximize efficiency, with people who are not trying to patent each others obvious basic growing environments, which only stifle mutual collaboration to continuously improve the "open concept design." ThomasLStanley 9 years ago
629 algae is my new interest for my research. I would like to learn more as a memember of the oilgae club and hopefully benefit it in turn. Newalgae 9 years ago
630 can anybody suggest or provide a simple way to derivatize fatty acid standards to fatty acid methyl esters for GC... Please help... Rjei 9 years ago
631 algae can be a solution to many issues of future generation. let us join hands in fulfilling this job. Manikandavelu 9 years ago
632 Save plant to save planet Bluerays4ever 9 years ago
633 We beleive thatBotryococus braunii is the best producer of oil in sweetwater. Does anybody have a better one? Algalsolution 9 years ago
634 I am working on the Bb cultivation for biofuel. I am carrying a 3 years project from the government supported project. I am looking for the research assistance to work on this. If someone who are interested on this work, please let me know s bit more details of your experiences. Niyom Niyom 9 years ago
635 Have u heard of - Link? Kylogreen 9 years ago
636 i would like to develop in energy it will help to stop global warming and next generation is greenful ACSRamachandran 9 years ago
637 HI ALL I represent some investors with significant monies to invest in this Industry, does anyoen know who is looking for money now? Please contact me! George WGConroy 9 years ago
638 Working for Sandia National Laboratories soon on Algae Biofuel...modeling a raceway pond to optimized the parameters effecting its efficiency and cost. Evan 9 years ago
639 Exciting prospects Topguan 9 years ago
641 Hey Everyone, Just wanted to say hi and start learning about all of this. I'm actually pretty interested in learning about photobioreactors and how these can be used commercially. Please let me know if you have insight that I may gain from you. Thanks! IanJ 9 years ago
642 I appreciate your reply. I need to know some of the info regarding the ALGAE cultivation and the cost involved. My interest is not towards biofuel. I need to understand the process and the challenges involved in this industry for growing algae by utilizing the CO2 from the industries. (Cement etc.) Sunil 9 years ago
643 ALGAE TO BIODIESEL PATHWAY The conversion of algae to biodiesel requires the following procedures. %u2022 Selection of algal strains. %u2022 Growth of micro algae. %u2022 Harvesting of microalgae. %u2022 Extraction of oil from micro algae. %u2022 Conversion of algal oil to biodiesel. %u2022 Conversion of extract to useable forms. Vign2211 9 years ago
644 Our dear earth has only so much fossil oil. Folks continue debating just how much oil we really have left %u2013 some say there is enough oil only for the next 50 years, while the more optimistic of the lot point to oil shale and tar sands and think we have another 100 years before fossil oil becomes as scarce as common sense. Of course, this is a rather simplistic way of presenting the entire energy picture, but the gist of it is pretty much true. And, whichever argument one subscribes to, ther Vign2211 9 years ago
645 The instalment of a algal plant particularly in industrial areas at chennai,orissa, rajasthan have "water" as constraint. Raceway ponds is not a suitable option. Vign2211 9 years ago
646 I think that algae represents humanity's best chance at making biofuels feasible. Lusovanguard8631 9 years ago
647 what is a bead beater, in regards to b b algae Pjmac 9 years ago
648 on this b b algae can we make motor oil easily out of it Pjmac 9 years ago
649 I think i will come back to this later, think there is a use for black algae but not sure what, it has a waterproof exterior with some sort of plastic shieding that is very hard to penetrate with any thing Pjmac 9 years ago
650 Synechocystis aquatilis maximum CO2 fixation rate of 1.5 gCO2/ l/day. Parkavi 9 years ago
651 Hello Parkavi, Open pond systems have many problems. Closed BPRs have fewer. Our BP1 can be installed anywhere and can work with The Sun, Artificial light, Solar Panels or all 3. www.algalsolution.com Algalsolution 9 years ago
652 A Canadian company called Pond Biofuels is capturing CO2 emissions from a cement plant in algae %u2014 algae the company ultimately plans on using to make biofuel. Link Parkavi 9 years ago
653 I have no idea how to blog BUT here it goes.... I am just starting out in this field, as of yet I haven't identified the best strain of micro algea to produce biodiesel, or where to get that strain from, anyone have any insight on this? DaveG 9 years ago
654 It is closer than what people expect... MKhedr 9 years ago
655 strong believer that algae technology will be crucial aspect of helping us adapt to coming oil shock and also help c co2 sequestion, by using algae growth ponds/ greenhouses next to high co2 emiters like coal, etahnol and cement plants regionally in coop aggreements, Johneppolito 9 years ago
656 Learning about algal biofuels and researching Solazyme for a class project. KeithGillette 9 years ago
657 I am developing a floating bioreactor for my student project. Still waiting to test on the performance. I will compare it with a set of the same design but installed on land. I hope this will be a breakthrough for me. Sittirae 9 years ago
658 Our beautiful planet Earth is motionfull by energy.Sun is the ultimate source of energy on Earth.Thatswhy people in old ages worshiped Sun a mean of paying thanks.We are doing the same thing by doing research on energy. Kamdev 9 years ago
659 I think algae can be the treasure of the future Marwa84 9 years ago
660 Hello all, I have been reading about Algae research, I like the idea of CO2 recycling while producing recyclable fuel. The challenge I have is how to start a project small with in my communittee. I will love to get some guidance as I am lost on where to start. Mpanchar 9 years ago
661 its very good thinking Debajitkalita 9 years ago
662 i need a litre of biodiesel made from jatropha, can any one help? Karim 9 years ago
663 Commercial scale does not have to be monopolised by conglomerates , we beleive the opening gambit to be a cottage industry because of the labour intensity needed in the initial stages. www.algalsolution.com Algalsolution 9 years ago
664 Help me spread the word on the use of algae to power our world. Please contact me at lee@vote4leedouglas.com or 407-497-4077 to assist me in this endeavor. Ldouglas 9 years ago
665 How do i get the free brochure? Shaktire 9 years ago
666 Hmmm Shaktire 9 years ago
667 Oilgae Club is cool! Nguyen1 9 years ago
668 Seambiotic and Chinese Power Company to Build $10 Million Commercial Microalgae Farm in China Seambiotic, an Israeli-based leader in the development and production of marine microalgae for the nutraceuticals and biofuel industries using flue gas from electric power plants, has announced that it has signed a License Agreement and a Joint Venture Agreement with Yantai Hairong Electricity Technology Ltd. and Penglai Weiyuan Science & Trading Ltd., companies associated with China Guodian Corporatio 5161440 9 years ago
669 Looking for system that produces Food, medicines, fertilizer and biodiesel in ONE system. to be incorporated into our growing system. Biomasschuck 9 years ago
670 the best idea for all. Hrlec 9 years ago
671 I like the environment disposal of sewage using green houses and wetlands to dispose of sewage and then growing algae on the waste nutrients. Then making the bio fuel from the algae. Dylan 9 years ago
672 We are currently involved in a project to assess the status of macroalgal cultivation for marine biomass/biofuels worldwide. At present,there appears to be relatviely little work going on in this area. I would be pleased to hear about any projects that have taken place or are ongoing. MarkJames 9 years ago
673 ...4 more exams to go!! Abyjain 9 years ago
674 Good afternoon, everybody. I am a girl from China. I was interested in microalgae and my major is the fatty acid desaturase research from microalgae. Hope to communicate with you. Aquamarine 9 years ago
675 We need more R&D centres for a look into avenues where we can gauge and find areas where we can make a big difference. Sanitation and Environmental Sector is to be handled very professionally and with skills techniques which is state of the art NOW. We in India need to do it if we have to compete. Nayanika 9 years ago
676 I am just looking for a freelancing work in this field. Having some spare time. Thought I could help if people have some project to be completed or collaboration. Navin 9 years ago
677 Link says "getting enough algae seems to be the limiting factor for creating this fossil fuel free plastic product." RobertTulip 9 years ago
678 You are right but the way to go is artificial light. Can be viewed on my website www.algalsolution.com Algalsolution 9 years ago
679 Link SUNILKAMBLE 9 years ago
680 whats the best way to dry algae, to make biodiesel? Karim 9 years ago
681 i am working on a project that i think i have discovered. i think it is possible to produce large scale of hydrogen using blue-green algae Kimkenal 9 years ago
682 %u2022 R&D department, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., India Research associate -%u201CBio diesel production from Algae%u201D project. (July 06 to Aug 06) %uF0D8 Project Initiator %uF0D8 Designed experiments independently- collected algae from different sour Parasb87 9 years ago
683 Algal Fuel are Future Imrannajeeb 9 years ago
684 Any ideas or comments plese let me know GIJOE 9 years ago
685 Hi there New to the Site, Interested in finding the best degree for the Algae Oil Industry. GIJOE 9 years ago
686 i have been developing a project called EdaPhon for a number of years now. EdaPhon is a {Community Interest Company} CIC which simply means it is a Hybrid between a conventional business legal format and a Not for Profit, for "The Greater Good" charitable legal structure. l have chosen this structure to facilitate the need for encouraging Social and Environmental awareness and responsibility into mainstream business awareness. Sean 9 years ago
687 GM, I am looking for information to build a small algae growth and processing station for a non-profit. I would greatly appreciate any help in this search. Thank you. Kweku414 9 years ago
688 Yes, as many are telling algae is the best food, best medicine and will be the best fuel if we fine tune the existing technology..... I have the proof for my statement and i can prove this anywhere... Mahesh 9 years ago
689 We have the site in Portugal and have permission to build a village. My desire is to look at Algae to deal with effluent and other uses of Algae for food and fuel. Greenearth 9 years ago
690 As you all know I am new to the Oilgae club but I see a good bunch of people in the club. One of my projects I am presently working on is the development of a complets ECO village in Portugal. This is taking a green field site and building a complete village. I want to include Algae projects in this Greenearth 9 years ago
691 Algae should be explored more & more in countries like India. Algal flora available in India may appear as a boon and may solve the future fuel crisis. Bijanki2001 9 years ago
692 Finals for school are over after this upcoming week!!! Then it's time to plan out and do some research on growing algae and extracting oil and eventually make bio-fuel right in my backyard!!! All knowledge and help is welcome!!! Wsoxfan4life 9 years ago
693 Send me any information to my mail, nortena_2050@hotmail.com Pleasee and thank u Dolphinckm 9 years ago
694 Hello hello good morning or good affertoon to everybody, i wish u have a excellent weekend haha lol. I new heer :( so i dont understand so good this page haha lol, but i wanna tell u i need information about biofuels seaweeds or algae micro all about that, papers, methodology, for my master Plx Dolphinckm 9 years ago
695 Oil palm advisor, but studying algae oil production. Alvarocarmona 9 years ago
696 monday..molecular biology exam!!..hope all goes well!! Abyjain 9 years ago
697 Hello, I'm Mexican Girl. I Fishery Biologist and i have interts all about seaweed specially i need information about biofuels. Please if u have about that send me please, my mail es nortena_2050@hotmail.com. I wanna study a master Dolphinckm 9 years ago
698 I am interested in the production of algae for producing Astaxanthin. Welcome anyone with knowledge on this subject.I would prefer production by fermentation. Greenearth 9 years ago
699 As a learning specialist, I am glad we are trying to move forward on this green initiative, with a view to cleaner air for my clients with learning problems caused by environmental contaminants. - Doc Meek, May 1, 2010 Docmeek 9 years ago
700 Algae is part of the future energy Perciliano 9 years ago
701 I have total belief in Algae for fuel,food, and medicine. Greenearth 9 years ago
702 ..tomoro's exam: Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology!!..6 more to go and then active at this page!!! Abyjain 9 years ago
703 Has anyone compiled a budget for a "full production" bio-crude facility? Looking for set up cost, operational cost, cost per gallon of "green crude". FDBECKETT 9 years ago
704 Creating algae bio fuel to ASTM D-6751 IS 15607 : 2005 and creating a green world. Kumar 9 years ago
705 Waiting for my results......to bang my door........ Liza1davchd 9 years ago
706 ..rite now exams after that only biofuel from algae!!! Abyjain 9 years ago
707 this is a great intiative by the Oilga team!!..Congrats!! Pami 9 years ago
708 I feel genetically engineered algae have the capacity to substitute the conventional sources of fuel. Are we going in that direction?? The present day issues around GM crops surely threaten the research in algae as well. Govt should come forward in explaining common man that GM crops are nt harmful. Pami 9 years ago
709 I look forward to an acceleration or 'great leap forward' in the Algae fuel sector. There is a belief that it will be 5-10 years before Algae fuel can be effectively commercialized. I hope it will be sooner. BTW, If anyone needs anything in Manila, email me CEO@MORINGAGLOBAL.ORG. Cheers! Moringa 9 years ago
710 I would like to bring up medicines for HIV and Cancer. Senthur 9 years ago
711 Oh my god, I can't believe such a place exists. I am very interested in Algae Carbon Capture. I am currently a student doing a large research paper on Algae. I am especially interested in Algae being used to sequester co2 emissions. If anybody knows anything about this, please enlighten me!! Kassaye 9 years ago
712 Algal cultivation is much required in jharuguda dist in orissa. The dist has ard 32 industries all with high co2 emisssions, its becoming one of the hottest place in india with present temp ard 47 deg cel. Vign2211 9 years ago
713 Iam very much intrested in algal fuel as the process is co2 free(produced=consumed,carbon nuetral), now i want to know the possibility of reducing fluride content in air using algae. Is there any particular strain of algae which consumes high amount flurine as nutrient. Vign2211 9 years ago
714 We should use the lessons from agriculture which overwhelmingly have shown that intensive and technical methods are not as profitable as traditional methods, therefore Open Pond systems is the way to go. Intensive methods are too expensive to maintain profitably. Omar 9 years ago
715 Cement, lime, glass industry exhaust gases contain up to 30% of CO2.(50-70% from process) Challenging but realistic target is to establish %u201Dlocal%u201D PBR algae installations producing biomass to substitute conventional fuel and capturing CO2 for algae. Important for countries with colder climate and lower Sun radiation. ThomasPol 9 years ago
716 The CEHMM conducted commercial-sized harvesting experiment. The algae were extracted from 12,000 gallons of water, and the pond produced 2g/l of algae. The oil content of the algae was approximately 30% dw. Link Parkavi 9 years ago
717 One way to make algae grow faster is to adapt it to grow at higher temperatures. Link Parkavi 9 years ago
718 Bioplastics maker Cereplast Inc. will commercialize its first grade of algae-based material by the end of the year. The El Segundo, Calif.-based firm also will announce a production deal with a major plastics producer by the end of May, a top Cereplast official said. Link Parkavi 9 years ago
719 I am meeting with the national lab to discuss Open pond raceway designs and efficiency models to maximize production tomorrow. This is a theoretical computer program that has been developed and he is asking for data from any open pond growers. Please send contact info if are interested. JO JoeOrtiz 9 years ago
720 I have interest in collaborating my technology with growers of algae. Anyone interested can contact me and I will arrange some trial work collaborating the results. Bglager 9 years ago
721 i want few information from oilgae members the procedure of lipid extraction from algae. Nafisa 9 years ago
722 Hi all researchers in Microalgae, I would like to research on recombinant protein expression in microalgae like dunalliela. I need the expression vector, would you please help me in this regard. Thank you very much in advance Hamideh Hamideh 9 years ago
723 my research project is on the topic"biofuel from algae" on a particular ooleagineous unicellular freshwater green alga. Nafisa 9 years ago
724 oilgae is really a very helpful site where i can be in contact with experts algal technologists who can help me by providing further information on various aspects of algae. Nafisa 9 years ago
725 Well we need to study algal growth, its different phases ,., nutrient uptake at these phases ., i find not a lot of work going on in these areas o phycology ., Gurukasi 9 years ago
726 Yesterday I spent the day with gary wood from Desert Sweet Biofuels in gile Ben d AZ. A very knowledgeable shrinp farm that knows algae. I want to discuss temp. and how different strains react to cold. Any thoughts rom any one?? JoeOrtiz 9 years ago
727 Interested in large-scale shallow open pond culture in a tropical location. Anyone with experience and suggestions of how to put a project together? Andrady Anrady 9 years ago
728 hi everybody Anncorona 9 years ago
729 Valcent Technology caught my attention a year or so ago when they were in San Antonio doing vertical growing of algae. Does anyone know why they ceased that research. They will not answer my e-mails in regards to that. FDBECKETT 9 years ago
730 BioCentric to deploy five algae photobioreactor units in client trial - Link Narsi 9 years ago
731 Company Uses Cement Plant's CO2 Emissions to Create Algae-based Biofuel - Link Karthi 9 years ago
732 Hi, I am keen in Algae to oil. I would like to seek advice on the start-up of pilot project on Algae culitvation and to extract algae oil for Biofuel. Thank you. Krishnamoorthy Krishnamoorthy 9 years ago
733 Top 25 Hottest articles in energy. Sciencedirect: Link DavidGiraldo 9 years ago
734 Good Day to All, I am quite fascinated with the Oilgae development and I want to be part of it. I am currently in the process of understanding as many aspects of it as possible. My background is chemical engineer having around 32 years of petroleum industry experience. Ktmajeed 9 years ago
735 Link Feedstock and Biodiesel Characteristics Report - A report on comparison of properties of biodiesel obtained from various sources like Algae, camelina, canola, hemp, corn, jatropha, linseed, sunflower, soy... Parkavi 9 years ago
736 looking to build my own roof top system for my house and frends cottage. i would like to talk to someone about the design and planing for a set of more complicated systems would anyone be able to let me bounce some ideas off them? NewAgeScience 9 years ago
737 Dewatering microalgae costs too much energy to be viable. Or do you know different? Spicedreams 9 years ago
738 I always wonder what it is that I was thinking when I am asked that moronic juvenalia question "What are you thinking?" Swimtwobirds 9 years ago
739 Thank you for such an innovative great idea and effort. Looking forward for more interaction Khaled 9 years ago
740 Sky is not the limit, because "impossible" is an opinion! Mpidim 9 years ago
741 Hawaii is a prime location for the development of Algal PBR Systems... Let me know if you're interested in a partnership... OmniGreen Renewables LLC Kalaniku 9 years ago
742 would anyone like to talk with me and teach me the finer details of algea and its uses? i am looking for a partner and a mentor. thanks for your time and help. NewAgeScience 9 years ago
743 Looking for business opportunities in Algee Saurabhjain 9 years ago
744 Do any members have experience with building a small-scale photobioreactor for research and development purposes? We would like to build a versatile PBR to explore the use of our modified strains along with optimisation of lighting, culture and extraction conditions. SpicerUK 9 years ago
745 The invention pertains to foamed algal plastics and products made therefrom, and methods for making algal plastics. The invention also pertains to algal plastic resin precursors for generating the foamed algal plastics and algal plastic products. Link James 9 years ago
746 SPIRULINA FARM VISIT IN THAILAND - Link Wasana 9 years ago
747 Thai researchers see algae as next frontier in biofuel - Link Wasana 9 years ago
748 I like this. Thanks to oilgae... Hawkseye 9 years ago
749 Biofuels from algae is the future and iam looking to contribuite in that evolution of our energy supply. Elias 9 years ago
750 wuhuuuuuuu Arvindhsomanathan 9 years ago
751 wuhuuuuuuu Arvindhsomanathan 9 years ago
752 Link Technology based on conveyor belts. Lavanya 9 years ago
753 Company Uses Cement Plant%u2019s CO2 Emissions to Create Algae-based Biofuel - Pond Biofuels, a three-year-old start-up, hopes to capture a cement plant%u2019s carbon emissions in algae (Ontario's St Marys Cement Plant), and then to biofuels - Link Narsi 9 years ago
754 Stanford Scientists Harvest Electricity From Algae - Scientists at Stanford have discovered the harvesting electricity from plants! They%u2019ve collected energy from photosynthetic processes in algae by tapping straight into currents of electrons generated at cellular level - Link Narsi 9 years ago
755 Algae biofuel could launch new coastal industry - Researchers from the University of Southampton have been selected by the Carbon Trust to join a %u2018UK dream team%u2019 of top scientists to find world beating formula for algae biofuel. Link Narsi 9 years ago
756 RIL considering feasibility study on algae-derived biofuel - %u201CAlgae seems to be the most promising feed stock. Microalgae are uncellular biofactories that can provide oil from sunlight and carbon dioxide,%u201D M. Ganapati, President, Corporate Planning, Reliance Technology Group - Link Narsi 9 years ago
757 Send us the following reports: %u2022 Macroalgae to fuels %u2022 Oilgae Guide to Algae Fuels Companies in the USA GORO 9 years ago
758 I did a bit of digging on sugarcane yields...appears that estimates vary from 30 T / acre per year to 100 T per acre per year. That would be 75 T - 250 T per hectare per year. That's an enormous amount of biomass, actually more that what algae gives today! Narsi 9 years ago
759 Oilgae will be releasing a free report on Macroalgae to Fuels...those who are interested in obtaining a free copy, please send a note to me through the private message with your name and email. Thanks! Narsi 9 years ago
760 How can we relate about setting-up an oilgae organization here in Haiti/ RHTIPPENHAUER 9 years ago
761 By starting in the desert SW of the USA; we can devlope an economical model to produce fuel and co-products. The RTF (Roswell Test Facility) will give us a two jump on every other start, at fraction of the cost. From there we can share our knowledge with other like mind people. Cheers. JoeOrtiz 9 years ago
762 I would like to set up an algae production system for my business. I was thinking that a greenhouse would give me year round production. I am just in the learning stage about this new process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Deliveryman 9 years ago
763 I am planing for study leave end of this year and want to get attach at any of algae biodiesel company in USA. I want to join any research group who are working on algae for biodiesel from any of the company. Sittirae 9 years ago
764 A gentleman I met at Singapore said that sugarcane gives better yield than algae - he says about 100 T of biomass per ha per year...will be good to know more about sugarcane BM yields... Narsi 9 years ago
765 What's the latest on algae based wastewater treatment? Jus curious Narsi 9 years ago
766 Is it possible to produce Hydrogen fuel commercially from micro or macro algae economically Subramanian 9 years ago
767 2010-2013 In-depth Research and Outlook Report on China Plant Algae Extracts Market - Market Research Report - Link Parkavi 9 years ago
768 II nd Algae World Europe Conference - Apr 22 & 23 - Link Parkavi 9 years ago
769 i need the assistant of any company researching on algae as fuel,operating in nigeria so i can team with them.pls can any one link me? Soppynette 9 years ago
770 i want materials on oil extraction Soppynette 9 years ago
771 Here's a quick list of the publicly traded companies I know of that are working on algae, and what they do: Link Parkavi 9 years ago
772 Feb 23 2010 - Major Algae Scientists from the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA)underline the important potential of algae biofuels in terms of GHGs reduction - Link Parkavi 9 years ago
773 wow. this "write what you think" is a cool thing. I can now post lots of small "oilgae" tidbits Narsi 9 years ago