City - Songkhla

Country - Thailand

About - I'm graduated Master's degree from Prince of Songkhla University. I'm studied about Biotechnology Industry and my thesis topic "Cultivation of Hydrocarbon Rich Algae, Botryococcus braunii. in Waste Water from Seafood Processing Plants. I had experiences about indoor cultivation about 3 years(between studied Master's degree) and outdoor cultivation about 3 years (co-with 2 Company, interested in Algae fuel but company to be bankrupt and don't have cash for researched continued). I'm researched till extracted algae's oil from algae were cultivation in Open Pond with synthetic fertilizers. Now,I'm working in Seafood Processing Plant (example: Canned Tunas, Canned Mckerels and Canned Sardines etc.) in field QC&R&D'manager.

Role - Industry professional