City - Vancouver

Country - Canada

About - I have been asked to determine the feasibility of converting part of a large sugar cane farm into a commercial algae-oil farm. A new 200+MW power plant is within 2 miles or so of the farm and it is designed to burn both diesel and biodiesel feedstock. Perhaps the CO2 could be captured and piped to the algae ponds? From my very limited current knowledge of the possibilities for algae-oil at a commercial scale, my client's site has a remarkable number of positive attributes: a "sugar cane" climate, unlimited water from 2 small rivers and a large reservoir, plus the ocean is adjoining the farm through a mangrove area. The new power plant butts up against the farm and the owners are already processing cane to generate electricity so there is awareness and knowledge already in place. Would the closed ponds work? How expensive is it to trap CO2 from the power plant and pipe it to the ponds? Thanks for your time and sharing knowledge and experience. Regards, Bill

Role - Just interested