City - Cambridge

Country - United States

About - I love the idea of using Algae as a biofuel and ESPECIALLY the idea of using it to capture co2 from existing smokestacks. Think about the impact we could have by rendering current co2 spewing power plants close to carbon neutral by applying algae to clean the emissions they produce. I am very excited about the many prospects of algae. I envision an algae based power plant where the process has been fine tuned and efficiency levels peaked. Where we can filter the emissions we make from burning Algae that we grew (which absorbed co2) and then filtering the co2 emissions that are produced from the process with--guess what-- MORE ALGAE!! Maybe even reuse that algae again in the SAME power plant! And using minimally processed wastewater to make it all happen!!! If only this was commercially viable and efficient, not to mention the research and work that would take to create this entire loop of using algae to clean emissions made from algae. I am very excited about this and would love to learn as much as possible about this particular implementation of algae.