City - Portland

Country - United States

About - Global-minded and dedicated to foreseeing and acting upon technological innovations and trends. Particularly cavitation-based processing for nanotechnology, NEMS/MEMS manufacturing, lithography, nanomedicine, alternative energy including cellulosic ethanol, nonedible feedstock biofuels, solar, zero point energy/fusion/LENR/transmutation and improved cleaner fossil fuel production including coal-to-liquid. Emphasis on clean/cheap alternative energy and discovering faster, cleaner, less energy consuming and higher quality processing and fabrication methods. Co-founded several high-tech companies involving platform processing technologies targeting high-end markets. Profitable technical sales from chemicals to complex USD multi-million capital processing equipment for pharmaceuticals, energy, fossil fuels, alternative energy, engineered materials, among other applications. An admirer of the genius of Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Co-Inventor of a patent-pending nanoprocessing method for producing clean and economical biodiesel. Fluent in English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian and appreciates cultural attributes. A global road warrior over 30 years.