City - San Juan

Country - United States

About - William Torres Longo AGRONOMIST has over (15) years of experience in running diverse projects development operations throughout the Americas. In Planning and Management Projects, Sales and Marketing Programs, Development Proposals and Bid?s, Consultant specialist in Re-engineering areas of IT/GIS/ CRM, systems and operations procedures. Knowledgeable in IT and Communications integration and project implementation. Avid student, administrative and planning oriented, ensuring an up-to-date perspective of trends and technological advances to improve modern society?s quality of life. Knowledgeable in Environmental Panning, Crops Specialist, Preservation of Water bodies and Water control and runoff waters, Landscaping Design and Urban Forestry Project Implementation. Establishment of efficient ways to monitor and control Sustainable Urban Forest, Preserving Existing Trees and Diagnosing Tree Problems. Superior evaluations on project management capabilities and the ability to see jobs through to final completion. Bilingual, Spanish and English.

Role - Industry professional