City - new york

Country - United States

About - I have been a bio diesel distributor for the past 6 years . but most recently i have been helping others to start their own alternative energy a full service adviser /consultant we provide collection of waste oil purchase of used veg oil from jobbers and import from multiple trusted (uvo)exporters . with state and federal grants and guaranteed loans anyone can own and operate a bio diesel plant. most grants are now being offered to individuals with a desire to build a refinery to handle the unprecedented demand for biodiesel bio diesel can be made from 100's of products such as animal fat , stock feed and any type of oil . The amount of money a Person can MAKE IN THIS NEW INDUSTRY IS MIND BOGGLING. FOR EXAMPLE WITH STATE AND FEDERAL CREDITS AND REBATES A GALLON OF READY TO USE BIO DIESEL WILL COST YOU LESS THAN 40 CENTS . FOR A FREE CONSULTATION PLEASE EMAIL ME AT BONJOVEY74@YAHOO.COM

Role - Industry professional