City - PARIS

Country - France

About - Head of Equity Derivatives / Delta 1 - Sales and Trading at Kyte Group, specialised in advanced trading, advising and providing executing services to institutional clients. Responsible for Desk setup and development for an international client based business. Special focus on Commodities, Emerging Markets Exchange Traded Fund advising with macro/ geographical and sector rotation approach Starting Member/Partner of ETF Securities , an independent UK based Investment Management firm, setup in 2006 with US$50Mln and currently over US$25bn. ETF Securities is specialized in commodities, thematic and alternative investments and is the 8th world?s largest ETF issuer , leader in Exchange Traded Commodities. ETF Securities provides funds on all commodities (Energy, Grains, Softs, Carbon, Agriculture, Industrial Metals, Precious Metals, etc...) and alternative thematic such as (Nuclear, Water, Agro-Business, Alternative Energies, Shipping, Basic Resources, Mining, etc...). Responsible respectively for building the Pan-European, GCC and Asian/Pacific global business. Includes Business Development, Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Market Making, Product Development, Fund Launch, Selecting thematic, Proxy-Equities, Commodities.

Role - Investor