City - Aix en Provence

Country - France Metropolitan

About - Master in microbiology Master in Energy, environnement and bioprocesses. Member of Trimatec competitivness cluster The aim of Trimatec is to strengthen the competitiveness in the industrial world Through increased innovation By encouraging high-value-added technological and creative activities, principally industrial, at a regional level By attracting businesses to France thanks to a higher international profile Competitiveness clusters strategy: Each competitive cluster draws up a five-year plan, based on a vision shared by the various stakeholders. With the plan, the competitiveness cluster can: Develop partnerships between the various stakeholders, based on their complementary skills Construct shared strategic R&D projects that can benefit from public funding, particularly the Interministerial Fund (FUI) Promote an overall environment favourable to innovation and the competitiveness cluster's stakeholders via presentations, knowledge-sharing and mutual support among cluster members on topics such as training and human resources, intellectual property, private-sector financing, international development, and so on.