City - Chennai

Country - India

About - PROJECTS 1. Study of annexene gene transfer in tomato plants. 2. Biodegradation of azo dye bismark brown using Bacillus subtilis. 3. Biodegradation of malachite green using Bacillus subtilis. 4. Biodegradation of brilliant blue using Bacillus subtilis. 5. Biodegradation of acid blue using Bacillus subtilis. 6. Biosorption of bismark brown using Pithophora sp. 7. Biosorption of congo red using Pithophora sp. 8. Biosorption of malachite green using Pithophora sp. 9. Biosorption of brilliant blue using Pithophora sp. 10. Biosorption of acid blue using Pithophora sp. 11. Studies on degradation of a textile dye congo red in an immobilized packed bed reactor. 12. Kinetic and comparative analysis of biotransformation of waste paper and cellulosic wastes to bioethanol using Trichoderma sp., Aspergillus niger and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. WORK EXPERIENCE 1. 02 Aug, 2010 ? Till date, working as a Research Assistant, under Dr.Barry Kelly, in the Division of Environmental Science and Engineering, National University of Singapore. Tasks performed ? Involved in the design of EVA coated Water samplers for monitoring pollutants in sea water. ? Determining the partition coefficients and developing kinetic models for the pollutants using the thin film EVA samplers. ? Assisting in SOP development and possible risk assessment procedures. 2. 11 Jan, 2010 ? 30 June, 2010, working as QC Intern in Quality control department- Environmental Monitoring Wing, Lonza Biologics Pte Ltd, Singapore. Environmental monitoring in accordance cGMP and Lonza policies and procedures which includes clean steam sampling, water sampling, air sampling and gas sampling. Autoclave QC materials, assist in Lab Purchasing and performing data entry activities. Perform applicable testing in accordance with specifications for all sampled materials. Complete documentation including logbooks, test request preparation, sample receiving and sample distribution. Assist with Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly inspections. Discard hazardous wastes from laboratory and maintain inventory levels of area. Communicate all problems and/or observations to QC supervisor. Perform applicable Housekeeping tasks. Training new interns for the above mentioned tasks and maintaining training records for all responsibilities associated to this role. Preparing SOP for the future processes.

Role - Student