City - Markham

Country - Canada

About - Lloyd Helferty is an engineering technologist with more than 10 years of experience providing project and system support for domestic and international firms undertaking engineering projects and activities related to research, development and deployment (RD&D). Mr. Helferty has expertise and experience working within engineering, project management, sales and marketing teams while undertaking various aspects of field commissioning, sales support, pre-planning and site preparation, pre-shipment and post-shipment testing. He has worked for various multinational corporations in Canada and around the world, including in North America, Asia, Latin America and Europe and has provided project and system support for domestic and international firms seeking to undertake engineering and research & development (R&D) projects. He is a subject matter expert in Biochar and is a founding member and active Steering Committee member of the Canadian Biochar Initiative, the founder and President of the non profit industry association, Biochar Ontario, and an Advisory Committee of the International Biochar Initiative (IBI).

Role - Just interested