City - kartoum

Country - Sudan

About - CURRICULUM VITAE NAME: WAIL SALAH AL-DIN MAHMMOUD. NATIONALITY: SUDANESE. MARITAL STATUS: SINGLE PROFESSION: MICROBIOLOGIST. EUDCATION: 1995-1996 Complete the high secondary school (king Dom of sudia Arabia). QUALIFICATIONS: 1996- 2001 B.SC -M.sc engineering -PH.d-sc UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL BAHRATI VIDYABETH (india) Language: (Fluent) (Speaking, Reading, Writing) in English and Arabic. Experience: 1423 H ? 1424 H. Education counsels l.td In the new centaury health institute based in (hail) by controlling their counsel from the corporation counsels of health and conducting the students training and lectures during their course. Holding subjects: One- Biology with microbiology 2- medical microbiology 3- industrial microbiology 4- microbial and genetic Gene (D, N, A) (R, N, A) materials. 5 - Applied microbiology 6- Soil microbiology 7- Parsatology. Faculty laboratories: 1- microbiology 2-Urain analysis 3- semen analysis and frozen semen 4- blood banks 5- microscopic 6- Hematologist 7- serologist 8-Bacteriologist 9 ? Virologist 10- Immunologist 11- ?Dry chemsirty1 and medical chemistry 2-3 Tenth- preparation of media agars all in totals. Hormonal assay where conducted under my supervision technologist (Om, imx) abbot IV and hepatitis markers were performed on (oregano Elis reader and quantum11. Studies in hematologist where performed on (cell Dan 1700) automatic blood cell counter career. Serological assay where performed as studies. Conducted studies in microbiologic and serological, immunization aspects in various intestinal parasitic infections. Maintained axenic cultivation of antamoboebia histolytic an immunization and isolation of immunoglobulin by chromatographic techniques. In a period of six months in a teamwork frame. Enterprising the possible solution og biotechnology managements environment status. Sudia medical services sms l.t.d Tender 2002 ? 2003 Company codes numbers is: 1- 42 Becton Dickinson medicals at u.s.a (hospitals). L.td Supplying all medicals laboratories items. 2- 2-005 Welch Ellyn medicals services and (hospitals). L.td Supplying all material of surgery's and other items. 3- M.r.l medicals company (u.s.a) l.td 4- 33-34 ferno international medicals uk l.td 5- 1051 sia hospitals. ltd 6- 6-1145 deroyal medicals company l.td 7- 1132 hyperactive sung medical l.td Korea and other medicals mlm worlds wide. King Dom of sudia Arabia ? Riyadh ?olaya branch. 24-4-2004 ? 25-4-2005 Medical laboratories analysis One year in (hospital dar al shifa) conducting all preparations of staining and media cultures in all departments and units. 3-7-2001 ? 3-7-2002 Medicals Technologist Working as technologist laboratories at (c.d.r) hospitals. Certificated by (tuv iso 9002 Germany). Computer courses:  Master certificate in soft ware engineering  College of vocational education and performing arts.  Pc hard ware and networking authorized .approved by association of novel.  Yashwantro chavan maharshtra open university .nasik states Certificate in digital computer SKILL: Open mind for extra knowledge Knowledge of Microsoft office Touring per request in a job order Strong ability to work in a team away Viled driving licenses. Interests Cars, running, gardening, carpentry, computers, football.

Role - Research & Academia