City - Helsingborg

Country - Sweden

About - ZERO EMISSION CARBON REFINERY with high added value economical valorization processing of organic waste (PYROLYSIS-TORREFACTION for production of biochar-high Ca/P content bonecharcoal-biooil-soil biotech) Edward Someus: Swedish environmental engineer (University of Lund), combining high level of scientific knowledge with industrial engineering and field applications, specializing in the: research, technical development, engineering and industrial applications of the Thermal Desorption (PYROLYSIS, Low Temperature Carbonization, TORREFACTION) technology for COAL & CARBON refining. Providing added value recycling of carboniferous materials, such as agricultural, food industrial and industrial organic waste and by-products (plant and animal origin), and thermal desorption of contaminated inorganic materials. Developer of the 3R CARBON REFINERY; integrated thermal (carbonization) and biotech added-value recycling processing of agro/food industrial by-product/waste streams for economical reuse in soil cultivation horticultural and forest nursery industries. Having specific competence in the high added value environmental and energetic valorization of animal byproducts (bone meal, meat and bone meal category3, cat.2, cat.1) by zero emission 3R pyrolysis processing for recycling of natural Phosphorous minerals, and production of liquid Nitrogen fertilizer ammonium hydrogen carbonate and transport fuel quality bio oils. The standard throughput capacity of the 3R industrial biochar technology is from 30,000 m3/year with prime market orientation in the temperate climatic zone countries. The 3R agrocarbon industrial biochar is State Authority permitted substance in the EU to be used in open ecological soil substance, and organic farming listed as well. Specialties: REDUCTIVE THERMAL PROCESSING: pyrolysis (carbonization)/torrefaction by indirectly-heated rotary kiln technique with standard capacity of 30,000 m3/y throughput and auxiliary installations, such as off gas treatment, syngas processing, refined bio oils and OMRON process control. AGRI BIOTECH: carbon/mineral recycling by solid state fermentation/formulation, agro-biotech process scale up. CONCEPT: ZERO EMISSION CARBON REFINERY OF ORGANIC WASTE FOR CARBON NEGATIVE ECONOMICAL PRODUCT APPLICATIONS.---------------------------------- HOMEPAGE 3R AGROCARBON: http://www.3ragrocarbon.com http://www.terrenum.net EU AGRINET http://ec.europa.eu/research/agriculture/success_protector_en.htm EMAIL 1: edward@terrenum.net EMAIL 2: edward.someus@gmail.com

Role - Industry professional