City - Strasburg, CO

Country - United States

About - My Name is Brian, I work in the solar industry (Solar Thermal) and I love stuff like this, I drive a small VW Jetta and a Diesel converted 99' Chevy Blazer. I would love to build some type of PBR. I love forum because of how easy it is to connect with other people with the close to or same ideas and ideals.... Currently I build automated (PLC based) control systems for large solar thermal systems. I hope some day to build a PRB in a 40' Shipping container behind my house and control it with the same PLC control system. this will allow me to monitor and record different results. I want to use the fuel for my car, the left over solid for my garden. I also want to tie in solar thermal for both heating and cooling into both the PBR and my home.

Role - Industry professional