City - Corona

Country - United States

About - We are a small company that is preparing to produce bio-jet fuels in conjunction with U.S. DLA through DESC Pacific, and/or the ATA. We are actively seeking responsible MOU's or LOI's that will lead to future contracts to supply DESC PACIFIC with certified bio-jet fuel products. Our domain of operations is in the Central Pacific, and is exceptionally unique and rich in natural resources that are required for large scale production of Bio-Jet Fuels. Our three major Feed-stocks are: #1. Coconut Oil (CNO), #2. Biomass (Green Waste Product), and #3. Macro-algae oil from our seaweed production. At the present time we have the capability to produce in excess of 20,000,000 gpy of pure CNO to refine into Bio=Jet Fuels. Over 50,000 gpd. As we begin initial operations refining our renewable CNO into bio-jet fuel, we will also be phasing in the thousands of continuous tons of Biomass Feedstock, processing and producing component oils; also for further refinement to bio-jet fuel. By 2016 we expect the above activities will be producing approximately 500,000,000 gpy of bio-jet fuel. In order to increase our production, and while the aforementioned operations are progressing well, we will be growing macro algae seaweeds on our immense (4,000 sq. miles) protected saltwater lagoons, and which will provide a total production of at least 5 billion gpy of bio-jet fuel by the year 2020. Our initial processing/refining facilities will be located on Kwajalein and Majuro Atolls. The initial fuel blending activities will be achieved at the Kwajalein and Majuro facilities. We seek help and the expertise to help expedite all of the above, as well as an MOU, or LOI from interested principals, especially a major oil company that can provide us their certified JP-8 and Jet-A petroleum Jet Fuels to blend with our certified JP-8 and Jet-A certified Bio-Jet Fuels. Thank you. Gunther W. Mothes

Role - Industry professional