Comprehensive Algae Fuels Report

A detailed report on all aspects of the algae fuel value chain, the Comprehensive Oilgae Report will be of immense help to those who are on the threshold of investing in algae biofuels. More »

Algae-based Wastewater Treatment

Compiled by a diverse team of experts, with experience in scientific and industrial fields, the Comprehensive Report for Wastewater Treatment Using Algae is the first report that provides in-depth analysis and insights on this important field. It uses innumerable data and information from a wide variety of expert sources and market studies, and distills these inputs and data into intelligence and a roadmap that you can use. More »

Comprehensive Guide for Algae-based Carbon Capture

A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs and Businesses Who Wish to get a Basic Understanding of the Business Opportunities and Industry Dynamics of the Algae-based CO2. More ››

Comprehensive Report on Attractive Algae Product Opportunities

The report provides an overview of the wide range of non-fuel applications of algae – both current and future prospects. It will provide entrepreneurs with an idea of how to derive more benefits from their algal energy ventures. The report provides detailed case studies, success stories and factoids of companies that have been involved in the algae products venture More »

Comprehensive Castor Oil Report

There is no other comprehensive report available for castor oil anywhere in the world. This is the first of its kind, and currently, the only one. More ››

Algae-Useful Substances





Other Novel Applications

Oilgae Blog - The Latest from the World of Algae Fuels

Aurora Algae to Raise $100 M before IPO

US-based Aurora Algae is all set to raise an additional US$100 million from private investors ahead of a probable share market listing. The funds will be used to build a facility producing commercial quantities of biodiesel for use in mining trucks and other byproducts from algae, in Karratha, Australia. The company has forged a supply […]

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Algenol Biofuels Inc. Pledges $250,000 to FGCU

The Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation has received a $250,000 pledge from Algenol Biofuels Inc. to create the Algenol Biofuels Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Scholarship Fund. Juniors and seniors at the University who are majoring in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental engineering and mathematics are eligible for the scholarship. Read More

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Sea Robots Farm Algae for Fuel

Although presently a small biofuel farm with only a small wind turbine, solar panel and a container of algae floating on water, Pennsylvania-based BEAR Oceanics envisions a fleet of tiny robots that could harvest the sea for algae which can then be converted to biodiesel. Six microbial genera will be used for the production of […]

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School Students Build Classroom Bioreactors to Test Algae Fuels

Students from Cape Cornwall School in UK are going to build bioreactors in class for testing the viability of marine algae-based biofuels. The students will carry out the research with the help of grants from the Royal Society. According to Janine Walker, a biology teacher in the school, they are aiming at the best possible […]

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Researchers from Univ of Arizona to Discuss Algae Energy

Two researchers from University of Arizona (UA) are sharing their research experience on algae-based biofuels on 13th Jan 2012 at La Posada. Professors Mark Riley and Randy Ryan will talk about algae as a new energy source at a free noon program on that day. Riley is an instructor and the head of UA’s Biosystems […]

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Inland Empire Paper Co. Applying Algae-based Wastewater Treatment

Millwood-based Inland Empire Paper Co. is studying a new biological technology to reduce the amount of phosphorus in the wastewater it discharges into the Spokane River during its paper-making process. For about two years, the 100-year-old paper mill has been working with Corvallis, Mont.-based AlgEvolve Inc., to study a wastewater treatment technology that company has […]

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Cosmetics from Algae

Non-fuel applications of algae are gaining considerable attraction now-a-days, as most of them are high market value products. One such area is cosmetics. Lipid containing algae are an excellent choice for the production of cosmetics, since they can be used to produce oils and biomass economically for use in the cosmetic industry. In a recent […]

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Hawaiian Company Converts Agriwaste to Oil with Algae

In a collaborative research project with the US Dept of Agriculture Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center (USDA-PBARC) and Rivertop Solutions, a Hawaii-based system engineering and economic development firm, Hawaiian company BioTork has attempted convert agricultural by-products into high value oils with the help of microbes including algae. The company has used unmarketable Hawaiian papayas to […]

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Algae Companies Advance in Nova Scotia Cleantech Open

Two algae start-ups have advanced to the round two of Nova Scotia Cleantech Open contest. Marine Arctic & Antarctic Technologies Inc. (MAAT Inc.) – Nova Scotia, Canada – Developer of a micro-algal bioreactor which effectively produces micro-algal biomass at an industrial level, while minimizing waste, costs and harm to the environment. Algae Energy – Nova Scotia, […]

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Algae for Sustainable Construction

Algae algae everywhere! Students from the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, Singapore Polytechnic have made concrete slabs with algae. They have found that a mix of algae and cement could be used to make precast drain sections, wall partitions, etc.  With the new regulations in sand exports, the finding will be a real […]

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Missoulian Company Digging the Possibilities of Algae to High Value Products

Missoula-based company, called Blue Marble Biomaterials is exploring the ways of highly valuable products food colorings, flavors and nutritional oils derived from sustainable sources coffee grounds, beer mash and algae. The company’s co-founder James Stephans is very much excited about the recent research on the metabolic processes by which algae produce energy. Blue Marble is […]

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Algae.Tec and Lufthansa Sign MoU for Algae-based Aviation fuels

In a press release, Georgia-based Algae.Tec Ltd, an advanced algae to biofuels company with a high-yield enclosed algae growth and harvesting system has announced that Algae.Tec Ltd and the major European airline Lufthansa have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly evaluate the potential for algae oil from Algae.Tec’s bio-reactors to be developed into a sustainable […]

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Algae Pilot Plant Construction Begins in Los Lagos University

The Biotechnology Consortium has begun the construction of the Experimental Centre of Algae (CEA) in Puerto Montt Campus of the University of Los Lagos, Chile. The plant is expected to be operational from August 2012. The project aims to produce biofuels and high value products from the kelp Macrocystis pyrifera. The goal of the project […]

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WHEN Signs LOI with Prime Inc. India to Develop 250 Acre Algae Farm for Production of Biodiesel and Fish Food

In a recent Press Release, World Health Energy Holdings, Inc. (WHEN) has announced the signing of Letter of Intent (LOI) with Prime Inc., an India Industrial and transport Company, to develop a biodiesel production facility ramping up to 250 acres with a budget of up to $ 100 million. The proposed sites for development are […]

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Algenol’s New Biorefinery – Construction Commenced!

Construction of Algenol Biofuels’ new biorefinery is started. GCM Contracting Solutions Inc has been working on the construction project. The site has an area of 36-acre and construction is scheduled to be completed by 2012. GCM Contracting has worked with Algenol before; in 2010, the firm built a research and development complex for the alternative […]

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Europe’s Largest Renewable Diesel Plant Opened

Neste Oil has officially opened the largest renewable diesel refinery in Europe, which is located in Rotterdam to produce the company’s renewable diesel NExBTL. The plant was built at € 670 million and has an annual production capacity of 1 billion liters of NExBTL. According to Neste Oil, the emissions benefit of the refinery’s output […]

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Wanna Lose Weight? Algae can Help You!

An exciting research has been carried out by the University of Copenhagen. They have found that dietary fibers (alginates) from brown algae make people eat less as it creates the feeling of satiety, and ultimately they lose more weight. The Super Formula to Fight Aging – Its Name is Astaxanthin -Know more They conducted the […]

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Universities of Georgia and Puerto Rico Researchers Unite for Algae Biofuels Project

Researchers at the University of Georgia (UGA) and University of Puerto Rico have come together to launch a renewable energy center to grow algae for biofuels. The center will be located in Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico and it aims at reducing the dependence of U.S on fossil fuels. US Department of Defense is […]

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Sapphire Energy Installs Custom-made Software for Biofuels Research

Sapphire Energy, US-based algae fuel company has installed a custom-made software in its research center in San Diego, from CLC bio, a bioinformatics sequence analysis software provider. According to Dr Christopher Yohn, Sapphire Energy’s principal scientist, the company is in need of bioinformatics tools for their development needs. He also added that the software will […]

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OriginOil in a Joint Venture with Australian Partner

OriginOil has entered into a joint venture with an Australian company for the development of biorefinery. These biorefineries are expected to meet the US and NATO military requirements for alternative fuels. According to OriginOil, the JV aims to build biorefineries in strategic locations around the world that would serve military customers. The JV, called Future […]

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Australian Project Capturing CO2 with Algae

Australia’s first CO2 emission reduction project using algae is being implemented at Tarong Power Station. The Queensland Government has allotted $ 1 million for the first phase of the project, which is on track at the South Burnett power station after successful trials conducted at James Cook University. The project uses algae to capture the […]

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IATA’s Call for More Production and Use of Biofuels

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is pushing for more production and use of sustainable biofuels. Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director-General and Chief Executive Officer opines that sustainable biofuels are important in achieving the climate change targets and some airlines are already trying them in commercial flights. Virgin Galactic was the first airline to fly with […]

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OriginOil to Set Standards for Algal Biomass

OriginOil, one of the prominent algae fuel companies, will work with DOE’s Office of Biomass Programs to create standards for algal biomass. The company has entered into a new research agreement with the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL). Under the agreement, OriginOil and INL will work together for establishing industry standards for algal […]

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Maersk and the Navy Join Hands for Biofuels Testing

Another interesting news on the series of the Navy’s biofuel initiatives! Maersk, one of the largest shipping companies in the world, and the US Navy have come together to test algae biofuel on the container ship Maersk Kalmar. The ship is en route from Northern Europe to India. The biofuels test is the first collaboration […]

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LED Horticultural Lighting Used in Algae Farm

Algae Farm, a company which produces algae through indoor cultivation for the nutraceutical, cosmetic and renewable energy market sectors, is implementing the LED based horticultural lighting at its facility based on the Houston Advanced Research Center campus in The Woodlands, Texas. LumiGrow, Inc., based out of USA, is said to provide the LED product. The LumiGrow […]

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