Comprehensive Algae Fuels Report

A detailed report on all aspects of the algae fuel value chain, the Comprehensive Oilgae Report will be of immense help to those who are on the threshold of investing in algae biofuels. More »

Algae-based Wastewater Treatment

Compiled by a diverse team of experts, with experience in scientific and industrial fields, the Comprehensive Report for Wastewater Treatment Using Algae is the first report that provides in-depth analysis and insights on this important field. It uses innumerable data and information from a wide variety of expert sources and market studies, and distills these inputs and data into intelligence and a roadmap that you can use. More »

Comprehensive Guide for Algae-based Carbon Capture

A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs and Businesses Who Wish to get a Basic Understanding of the Business Opportunities and Industry Dynamics of the Algae-based CO2. More ››

Comprehensive Report on Attractive Algae Product Opportunities

The report provides an overview of the wide range of non-fuel applications of algae – both current and future prospects. It will provide entrepreneurs with an idea of how to derive more benefits from their algal energy ventures. The report provides detailed case studies, success stories and factoids of companies that have been involved in the algae products venture More »

Comprehensive Castor Oil Report

There is no other comprehensive report available for castor oil anywhere in the world. This is the first of its kind, and currently, the only one. More ››

Bioplastics Market & Strategy Advisor

Bioplastics Market & Strategy Advisor, published by the Bioplastics Guide, is a unique guiding framework for businesses and entrepreneurs to chart a way forward provides a critical analysis of the status, opportunities & trends of the global bioplastics sector. More ››

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EU Pollution Law Opportunity for Israeli Cleantech

The new EU Phase III Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) for green jet fuel seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by planes operating in member states. The regulations will likely spur a large market for jet fuel made from algae. The regulations will come into effect in 2013. Airlines that land in EU member states will […]

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Biofuel Companies Attack Algae Study

In a face-off between academia and industry, algae biofuel companies have made a joint statement decrying recent research that highlights algae’s drawbacks. algae The research, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, found that algae production can be energy intensive and can end up emitting more greenhouse gases than it sequesters. In response, the […]

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Clean Energy and Power Announces Appointment of Dennis Shen President to Lead Strategic Technology Development

Clean Energy and Power, Inc.announced today that Dennis Shen former Chief Operating officer of Biocentric Energy Holdings Inc., and lead developer of the Algae Bioreactor has joined Clean Energy and Power as President. “With Dennis on board we now have a proven ‘Green’ technology visionary whose focus has been in many areas of the clean […]

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Growing Green: Bodega Algae and Bigelow Laboratory Collaborate to Develop Algal Biofuel Technology in New England

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Press Release: Massachusetts-based renewable energy company Bodega Algae and Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in West Boothbay Harbor, Maine, have received a six-month, $150,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation to develop and test a prototype for growing high concentrations of algae for use as […]

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National Algae Association Announces Additions To Agenda For West Coast Workshop

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Press Release: The National Algae Association is pleased to announce the following additions to the agenda for its West Coast Chapter Workshop on February 25th & 26th, 2010 at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, hosted by BioCentric Energy: Abdul S. Abdul, Ph.D., PHDPresidentNESA & Associates […]

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Energy Quest, Inc. to Build Power to Biodiesel Plant

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Energy Quest, Inc, an emerging leader in alternative energy and the development and production of hydrogen-enriched alternative fuels in an environmentally responsible manner announced today it is to begin construction on a turn key biomass (Wood Waste) to Power/Algae Energy plant producing 26.8 megawatt (24 net). The plant will consist […]

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Plant to Produce Bio-diesel Oil from Plastic Cellophane

You are at: Oilgae Blog. The proposed Bio-Ethanol plant in the municipality of Murcia will have a complementary bio-diesel oil production out of plastic cellophane and bio-mass.  Metro Bacolod Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MBCCI, External Affairs Vice President Jose Ma. Zayco said the 61 Barangays of Bacolod City will be providing the Bio-Fuels International […]

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Aquentium Announces Expansion into Central and South America for Algal Fuels Operations

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Aquentium, Inc, a publicly traded company in the United States with a strategy to bring green technologies to the global marketplace is pleased to announce the company’s expansion into Central and South America with the appointment of Mr. Manfredo Ferrada as Managing Director of Central and South America business and […]

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BioCentric Holdings Shareholder Update

You are at: Oilgae Blog. According to the press release, Dennis Shen and team have completed the scaled down version of BioCentric’s commercialized Closed-Loop Photobioreactor System, The Algae Culturing Station, The Wall and The BioCentric Eye Monitoring System. These products will be available for purchase and posted on both the BioCentric Energy website and the […]

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Soley Biotechnology’s Business Briefs from Biodiesel Magazine

You are at: Oilgae Blog. The Soley Biotechnology Institute is offering samples of algae oil on its Web site, and offering microalgae oil for sale for $0.418 per liter. The company described the source as heterotrophic microalgae grown in a pyramid photobioreactor. The fatty acid profile offered on the Web site indicates the oil is […]

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Algae Biofuel Workshop 2010

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Growdiesel Climate Care Council invites participants to the International Workshop on Algae Biofuels to be held on 12th & 13th April 2010 in India. The workshop is focused on next generation of Biofuels using Algae as the main feedstock. The summit offers an opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs, Biofuel companies, renewable […]

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DOE Announces $151 Million in Grants for Algae Fuel and Other Green Energy Research

You are at: Oilgae Blog. The New York Times reported Tuesday on the federal Department of Energy’s forthcoming announcement of $151 million worth of grants devoted to green energy research. A significant part of the funding is slated for the development of biomass technologies. Five of the 37 recipients work on biomass energy, including E.I. […]

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Blue Marble Energy and Bionavitas Announce Partnership to Produce Industrial Biochemicals from Microalgae

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Press Release Two of America’s leading renewable biochemical companies, Blue Marble Energy Corp. and Bionavitas, announced a partnership today in which Blue Marble Energy will produce high-margin biochemicals from microalgae supplied by Bionavitas. Blue Marble CEO Kelly Ogilvie officially announced the partnership at the 3rd Annual Algal Biomass Summit in […]

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Nualgi – Algae Nutrient that Cleans Sewage & Grows Fish

You are at: Oilgae Blog. The Oilgae Team had an excellent opportunity a couple of weeks back when we visited Bangalore and the Nualgi team that has done awesome work in the field of sewage pond treatment using algae. The idea sounds simple once you heard it; in fact you would be led to wonder […]

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Leatham investigates Economics of Wild Algae Fuel

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Year 10 student Leatham Landon-Lane’s project investigating the economics and productivity of wild algae fuel took out the best exhibit prize at the Marlborough Lines Science and Technology Fair yesterday. Leatham used wild algae from a reservoir at his Waihopai Valley home to test biofuel company claims that 100,000 gallons […]

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Algae Research Advances in ExxonMobil & NASA Glenn Research Center

You are at: Oilgae Blog. “Under a Space Act Agreement, NASA is partnering with Seambiotic USA to model growth processes for microalgae for use as aviation biofuel feedstock,” said Ami Ben-Amotz, chief scientific adviser to Israeli-based Seambiotic Ltd. One of SGI’s achievements has been in engineering algal strains that produce lipids in a continuous process […]

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SunEco & J.B. Hunt to commercialize Algae Fuel

You are at: Oilgae Blog. The algae is grown in ponds and produced at a SunEco pilot plant in Chino, California. The company has been working on a proprietary process for making the oil for more than five years, and has scaled it up from beakers to barrels, according to Dan Gautschi, chairman and CEO. […]

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Seambiotic & NASA Plans to Produce Algae Aviation Fuel

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Seambiotic, a global leader in the development and production of marine microalgae for the nutraceutical and biofuel industries, has announced that its U.S. subsidiary, Seambiotic USA, has entered into an agreement with NASA Glenn Research Center to develop an on-going collaborative R&D program for optimization of open-pond microalgae growth processes. […]

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VERSATILE – A Complete Algae Energy System

You are at: Oilgae Blog. 15 year old Javier Fernández-Han invented a truly innovative solution to meeting the basic needs of many of the world’s poor, and won Ashoka’s Invent Your World Challenge with his algae energy system, called VERSATILE. His holistic approach uses an efficient, modular system to meet multiple needs.The basis of Javier’s […]

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BlueFire Ethanol Supply Sugars for Solazyme’s Algae Cultivation

You are at: Oilgae Blog. BlueFire Ethanol, which has been trying to produce ethanol out of landfill waste, is sending sugars to Solazyme for algae fuel testing which grows their algae by feeding them with sugars in fermentation vats. BlueFire has had trouble getting its own ethanol plant off the ground, but it does have […]

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Updates of Companies Working on Algae Energy

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Here is an excellent update of companies working in algae energy from the April issue of the Greentech Innovations Report.source By the way, have you subscribed to the Oilgae Blog?; How about joining the Oilgae mailing list?; and our forum to discuss on with others?

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Algae Fuel Companies and Facilities in Hawaii

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Hawaii is big on algae, guess it is next only to San Diego! Hawai’i has some world-class research teams, including HR BioPetroleum, led by Barry Raleigh and Mark Huntley, in a partnership with Shell Oil; Pacific BioEnergy, led by Paul Zorner and comprising Kamehameha Schools, Grove Farm and Maui Land; […]

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OriginOil Signs Deal with US DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

You are at: Oilgae Blog. OriginOil Inc. announced that it has signed a Cooperative Agreement with The United States Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The multi-phase research program will focus on validation and commercial scaling of the company’s technology in the production of algae-based fuels. The initial phase, which starts immediately, will focus […]

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"The Regional Algae Initiative" Rick Halperin, The Project Manager

You are at: Oilgae Blog. “The initiative includes San Diego’s growing mini-cluster of algae-based biofuels startups” Halperin says “the effort also plans to rely on a recent macro-economic study on “mega-region” economic development that identifies ways in which groups in San Diego and Imperial Counties can collaborate” Imperial County, which borders Mexico between San Diego […]

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Growing Algae in Anaerobically Digested Farm Waste

You are at: Oilgae Blog. Kayaletu Makasi lives on a pretty little smallholding on the road to Chintsa. He has 17 cows, three pigs and a gaggle of chickens. He feeds their manure (about 20 litres a week) into a small digester and in return he gets an unlimited supply of free fuel, highly nutritious […]

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