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Algae Cultivation in Sewage for Biodiesel, Algal Biofuel

October 13th, 2006 | 1 Comment | Posted in Algae-Cultivation-Sewage

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Algae Cultivation in Sewage Can Solve Two Problems

Untreated sewage pouring into the world’s seas and oceans is polluting their water and coastlines and endangering the health and welfare of the people and animals that inhabit them, according to a bleak new U.N. report released Wednesday on the threats to the world’s marine environments.

As well as the growing problem of sewage, oceans also are suffering from rising levels of nutrients such as run-off from agricultural land triggering toxic algal blooms that deprive the water of oxygen, destruction of coastal ecosystems such as mangroves and a rising tide of ocean litter, says the State of the Marine Environment report drawn up by the U.N. Environment Program.

….”Usually the ones who are the source of pollution are not the ones who bear the brunt or the impact of pollution,” Steiner said, citing the example of small fishing communities whose catches are devastated by algal blooms blamed on runoff from agriculture inland….

The reason for me to point out this excerpt is the note on toxic algal blooms in sewage…you might recall an earlier post where a news item from New Zealand (NZ) was provided where a company had successfully implemented biodiesel produced from algae grown in sewage by treating the wastewater ponds could become a useful algae cultivation medium in future because algae can feed on the nutrients in sewage and hence “clean” it to some extent before the sewage is let into the sea, and of course the algae can produce oil…

Stay tuned for more developments on the algae cultivation in sewage for biodiesel

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One Response to “Algae Cultivation in Sewage for Biodiesel, Algal Biofuel”

  1. Bmhleedap Says:

    I am an architect doing research into a net zero energy, net water, net food and net waste science park.  I need to know the about of “flow through” from waste (municipal sewer) to algae to biofuel.  assume 182 gal of waste per person per day…..10 acre sewer to algae…. what is the (waste portion in volume)…..how many gallons of Bio-fuel ( I think about 20,000 gal per year for a 10 acre site.

    Thanks!  bmhleedap@gmail.com

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