Comprehensive Oilgae Report

A detailed report on all aspects of the algae fuel value chain, the Comprehensive Oilgae Report will be of immense help to those who are on the threshold of investing in algae biofuels. More ››

Algae-based Wastewater Treatment

Compiled by a diverse team of experts, with experience in scientific and industrial fields, the Comprehensive Report for Wastewater Treatment Using Algae is the first report that provides in-depth analysis and insights on this important field. It uses innumerable data and information from a wide variety of expert sources and market studies, and distills these inputs and data into intelligence and a roadmap that you can use. More ››

Oilgae Digest

This is for entrepreneurs and businesses who wish to get a basic understanding of the algae fuel business and industry dynamics. More ››

Oilgae Report Academic Edition

Oilgae Report Academic Edition - provides research insights on new methodologies, perspectives and experiments in algae biofuels; this report is customized for academic and industry researchers, and students. More ››

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Green Plains Renewable Energy and BioProcessAlgae to Unveil Phase I Algae Project in Shenandoah, Iowa - Governor Chet Culver to Attend
Laboratory Glass Apparatus sells Lab Scale Algae Photobioreactor
Algae-Covered Buildings Boost Biofuel Production
Algae May Play Key Role on Vermont farms
Biocentric Energy Negotiating Exclusive Manufacturing License for Photobioreactor
Algaepower Uses Cattle Waste to Grow Algae for Fuel
China Enters Algae Energy Business in a Big Way
US Biofuels to Produce 50 million gallon of Algae biodiesel
Iowa Approves $2 Million for Algae Fuel Project
GPRE and Bioprocessalgae LLC Complete $2.1 Million Grant for Algae Pilot Project
Aurora Biofuels Completes Algae Trial, Appoints CEO
Algae Fuel Research by Appalachian State University students
AgOil International and Georgia Alternative Fuels Partners to Produce Biodiesel from Algae
Midwest Research Institute Advances Algal Biofuels Research Utilizing Open and Closed Bioreactors
Eastern Cape to Turn Algae into Power
BioCentric Energy Algae to Unveil Provisional Patent Pending "Algae Pro Closed Loop Photobioreactor Solution"
Shell awards prize to Scottish Bioenergy for Algae-to-biodiesel Process
BioCentric Energy to Unveil the Algae Pro Closed Loop Photobioreactor Solution
BioCentric Energy Appoints Dennis Fisher and Dennis Shen
Ben Gurion University, Primafuel Join on Algae Biorefinery
Algal sludge turns to fuel in Christchurch, New Zealand
Solix claims cut the costs of growing algae by 90-95%
GreenShift Receives Grant for Bioreactor from Montana Board of Research
GreenShift Receives Grant for Algae Bioreactor Technology
NTPC installs Algae Photobioreactor at UP, India with CSIR and Teri
Simgae Low Cost Algae Production System from Diversified Energy & XL Renewables
Solix Photobioreactor Cuts Algae Cultivation Costs by 90% ?
Algae @ John Lennon Airport, Liverpool for CO2 Sequestration & Biodiesel
Algae Photobioreactor - Low Cost, High Efficiency, from Algasol Renewables
Valcent technologies - Nearing Completion Of Its First Commercial H.D.V.G. Vegetable Production Plant
Holcim Spanish Cement Plant Gets GreenFuel, Aurantia Algae CO2 Recycling Project
Rapid Algae Farming Systems from AlgaeVenture Systems
Greenfuel Algae CO2 Recycling Project With Aurantia Enters II Phase
Algal Sciences - Growing, Harvesting, Processing Algae for Food, Fuel, Research
Companies Trying to Bring Down Cost of Producing Oil from Algae
OriginOil Announces Finetuning of Helix BioReactor™ subsystems
AlgaeWay Algae Photobioreactor
Oregon State University develops biodiesel from algae
Valcent Initial Test Results Indicate at Least 33,000 gallons of Algae Oil per Acre Possible
AlgaeLink N.V. / BioKing B.V. Selling AlgaeLink photobioreactor
Biofuel News - AlgaeLink, Oxfam Report Biofuelling Poverty...
Dutch Co Manufactures Algae Bioreactor
US, German Algae Cos Form Alliance to Advance Bioreactors
A High Productivity Bioreactor for Microalgae Cultivation
Comparison of compact photobioreactors for large-scale monoculture of microalgae
Biotechnology of algal biomass production: review of outdoor mass culture systems
Performance of flat plate, air-lift reactor for the growth of high biomass algal cultures
Biotechnology of algal biomass production: a review of systems for outdoor mass culture
High-density algal photobioreactors using light-emitting diodes
Elemental balancing of biomass and medium composition enhances growth capacity in high-density Chlorella vulgaris cultures
Laboratory scale air-lift helical photobioreactor to increase biomass output rate of photosynthetic algal cultures
Airlift photobioreactor with baffles for improved light utilization with flashing light effect
Tubular photobioreactor design for algal cultures
Optical fibre photobioreactor for enhanced production of Isochrysis aff. galbana T-Iso (UTEX LB 2307) (marine unicellular alga ) rich in docosahex
Effect of photobioreactor inclination on biomass productivity of outdoor algal culture
Design, performance of ?-type tubular photobioreactor for microalgae mass cultivation
Productivity and photosynthetic efficiency ofSpirulina platensis as affected by light intensity, algal density and rate of mixing in a flat plate phot
High-density photoautotrophic algal cultures: Design, construction, and operation of a novel photobioreactor system
Flat inclined modular photobioreactor for outdoor mass cultivation of photoautotrophs
Mixotrophic growth ofChlorella sorokiniana in outdoor enclosed photobioreactor
Biotechnology of algal biomass production: review of outdoor mass culture systems
First algae being grown in Mookgopong bioreactor, South Africa
Valcent Products Inc. Develops "Clean Green" Bio-reactor
Solix Biofuels
Grow Your Own? American Scientist Online
Plankton to Provide Clean Oil - Spanish Research Study

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