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Algae-based Wastewater Treatment

Compiled by a diverse team of experts, with experience in scientific and industrial fields, the Comprehensive Report for Wastewater Treatment Using Algae is the first report that provides in-depth analysis and insights on this important field. It uses innumerable data and information from a wide variety of expert sources and market studies, and distills these inputs and data into intelligence and a roadmap that you can use. More ››

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U.S. Navy Tries Marine Algae for Fuel
W2 Plans to Sequester The Carbon Using Algae
Old Dominion University (ODU) Studying to Convert Algae to Biofuel
Danielle Ford of Emerging Green Companies Tours the 2009 Algal Biomass Summit
OriginOil Finishes First Phase of Algae Commercialization Model
Center for Renewable and Alternative Fuel Technologies (CRAFT) at EKU Boosts Biofuel Production
Algae Initiative Aims to Produce Fuel While Helping the Environment
Virginia Institute of Marine Science Receives $3 Million to Turn Algae into Biodiesel
Virginia Commonwealth University Studies Algae
Diatoms Solar Panel - A Biofuel Producing Solar Panel
Agricultural Development Board Invests $220,000 in EKU Research
West Bengal Power Development Corporation (WBPDCL) and Sun Plant Agro Leads Algae Project
Aquacarotene Reinvents Itself as Algae Bio-processing company
Kirsten Heimann at James Cook Univ to Develop Algae Technology
Artificial Life is Only Months Away, Says Craig Venter
Madras Institute of Magnetobiology says electromagnetic field can boost algae growth
National Wind Solutions (NWND) Tries Algae
General Atomics Taps Algaeventure Systems for Algae Fuel Research
Five Major Algae Announcements in this Week News
Louisiana is Conducive for Algae Fuel Growth - Feasibility Report on Louisiana
Pakistans has Potential to Produce Oil from Algae - Dr Ehsan Ali
The Defence Research Laboratory, India Identifies Oil Producing Algae
The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) Awarded Subcontract to Produce Algae Jet Fuel
Indian and Canadian scientists are Manupulating Algae Geneticallyfor Oil
The Pentagon Tries Algae Fuel For Military Vehicles
Ag-Oil uses Continuous Flow Technology Developed by UEE to Produce Biodiesel
Algae Fuel Research by Donald Danforth Plant Science Center & The Washington University
Milking Diatoms for Sustainable Energy
Seaweed Could Provide the Sustainable ’Green’ Fuel of the Future
Philippines’ Quest for Biodiesel from Microalgae Starts at UPLB
Japan and India to Launch Space Algae Research
Virgin Galactic is Constructing Spaceships running on Algae Fuels
Odessa Public Development Authority to Build Algae Pond for Biodiesel
Qatar Science & Technology Park Examines Algae Fuel
Austin Peay State University students presented Algae Fuel Project in National Sustainable Design Expo
New Generation Biofuels to Investigate Algae as Biodiesel Source
Algae Based Wastewater Treatment is an Innowavite Way to Treat Waste
Barstow Community College Develops Proposal To Create Algae Farm
University of Coimbra Researchers Identify Six Oil-producing Algae
Algae for Wastewater Treatment Plant in St.Paul, Minnesota
NASA Grows Algae for Wastewater Treatment in Ocean
Algenol Seeks help from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
San diego research Institutes, Biotechs to collaborate on Algae Biofuel
Carmela Cuomo examines Algae From Long Island
Algae Fuel Research by Appalachian State University students
Nanotechnology to Aid Commercial Production of Algae Biofuel
Algae-to-Fuel Research Enjoys Resurgence at NREL
Midwest Research Institute Advances Algal Biofuels Research Utilizing Open and Closed Bioreactors
Algae - boon to farmers and a solution to global warming
Powerful Ideas: Wringing Oil from Algae
Oxygen Producing Algae Bioreactor & Thermal Electricity Generator Win The Pete Conrad Sprit of Innovation Awards
BioMara Research Project on Algae Biofuel
Algae Biofuel in 2009 Science Fair Project
Indonesia could be the Middle East for Microalgae Biofuel
Algae Research Projects at Virginia
Green Jobs in the Algal Biofuel Field
Solid Catalyst to Convert Algae into Biodiesel
Team Algal Scientific Wins Inaugural Clean Energy Prize
World Congress To Explore Timeline For Bringing Advanced Biofuels To Market
Algal Fuel Headed For The Racetrack
UCLA Find Algae To Be The Fuel Of The Future
San Antonio goes green by growing Algae
Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist- NASA Quote Algae
Algal Biofuel Research Program by CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship
BioCentric Energy Algae to Unveil Provisional Patent Pending "Algae Pro Closed Loop Photobioreactor Solution"
Shell awards prize to Scottish Bioenergy for Algae-to-biodiesel Process
QuantumSphere Awarded Grant for Algae Biofuels Nanocatalysts by California Energy Commission
Light Immersion Technology from Bionavitas to Increase Algae Yields
Hemmers Thinks Algae as most Promising Source
The Omnibus Appropriations Bill for 2009
QuantumSphere Gets Research Grant for Algae Biofuel
Breakthrough boasted by Bionavitas
Fuel film now playing in U.S. theaters
Algae jobs - Phycal Hires Engineers and Biologists
Algae Association to Hold Biofuels Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia Feb 27
National Algae Association (NAA) to Hold Biofuels Workshop
Algae a credible source says Professor Lance Schideman
Grant Program Announcement for Microalgae Projects - Soley Institute
$500 per gal Omega 3 vs $3 per gal fuel - Algae for food or fuel?
Changing Algae to Oil at the Idaho National Laboratory
Utah State University Negotiated with Algae Biologist to Join USTAR Teams
Elongation Factor Genes in Green Algae
Stimulus could exclude algae research
Algae Event - JetBlue Airways will Demonstrate a Biofuel Test Flight
Algae Research in Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Snell Works on Seaweed Ulva for CO2 Sequestration
Cellular Optics for Open Pond Algae Cultivation
Indian Minister Jairam Ramesh says Algae - A Super-critical Technology
Patent Applications for Algae Technologies Increases
Milton Sommerfeld says Algae Commercialization will take 10 Years
WWF Opposses large-scale Ocean Fertilization Project
Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) Executive Nigel Perry said Algae is Intresting
Bodega Algae Develops Light Sources to Enhance Algae Growth

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