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A detailed report on all aspects of the algae fuel value chain, the Comprehensive Oilgae Report will be of immense help to those who are on the threshold of investing in algae biofuels. More ››

Algae-based Wastewater Treatment

Compiled by a diverse team of experts, with experience in scientific and industrial fields, the Comprehensive Report for Wastewater Treatment Using Algae is the first report that provides in-depth analysis and insights on this important field. It uses innumerable data and information from a wide variety of expert sources and market studies, and distills these inputs and data into intelligence and a roadmap that you can use. More ››

Oilgae Digest

This is for entrepreneurs and businesses who wish to get a basic understanding of the algae fuel business and industry dynamics. More ››

Oilgae Report Academic Edition

Oilgae Report Academic Edition - provides research insights on new methodologies, perspectives and experiments in algae biofuels; this report is customized for academic and industry researchers, and students. More ››

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U.S. Navy Tries Marine Algae for Fuel
Five Technologies That Could Change Everything
Old Dominion University (ODU) Studying to Convert Algae to Biofuel
Algae CO2 growth trials to be carried out at coal-burning plant
Virginia Institute of Marine Science Receives $3 Million to Turn Algae into Biodiesel
Duke and ENN Group to Work on Carbon-Capturing Algae
Second Algae Biofuel Summit in India - A Great Success
Diatoms Solar Panel - A Biofuel Producing Solar Panel
Virginia Tech Researcher Grows Algae Using Glycerol
Anti-methane Feed for Cattle: Marine Algae
Solazyme to Supply 20,000 G Algae Diesel for Navy Ships
AgOil International and Georgia Alternative Fuels Partners to Produce Biodiesel from Algae
Center for Renewable and Alternative Fuel Technologies (CRAFT) Tries Algae
Sapphire Energy Plans a Journey in Algaeus plug-in hybrid
A Short Film on Algae Fuel
Heathgate Resources Held Talks about Algae Fuels with the State Government in South Australia
LiveFuels Hopes its Algae Biofuel Ready for Launch by 2010
National Wind Solutions (NWND) Tries Algae
Biodiesel Mandate in Oregon
Public Utilities Commission has Denied HECO’s Request
Five Major Algae Announcements in this Week News
Shrimp Shell Catalysts to Convert Oil to Biodiesel
Green Star Products is Active in Four Green Technology
Targeted Growth Engineers Algae for Oil Production
Indian and Canadian scientists are Manupulating Algae Geneticallyfor Oil
Integrated Process of Algae Cultivation and Production of Diesel Fuel from Biorenewable Feedstocks
Algae Project Faces Difficulty in Procuring Land
Senator Murray Announces $2 Million for Clean Energy Research on Algae Biofuels
China Enters Algae Energy Business in a Big Way
US Biofuels to Produce 50 million gallon of Algae biodiesel
Waltham Technologies To Grow Algae in Waste Water From Breweries
University of Antofagasta & Chilean Companies to Enter Algae Biodiesel Research
CEHMM Algae Biofuels Project Goes Commercial
Milking Diatoms for Sustainable Energy
Navy Tests Alternative Fuels for Jets and Ships
Pike Research Report - Biofuels Markets and Technologies
The Welsh Assembly Government Supports Algae
19th Annual EPAC Conference in Bozeman, MT
Algaewheel to Build Algae System to process Town Wastewater
Texas Researchers are Working on Saltwater Algae for Biofuel Production
Algebra of Algae to Biodiesel and Co2 Sequestration
Residential-sized biofuel unit in California
Renewed World Energies Uses Algae to Capture CO2
Raffaello Garofalo says Algae byproducts Will Reduce the Cost of Algae Fuel
Virgin Galactic is Constructing Spaceships running on Algae Fuels
University of Georgia Researchers are Studing Algae
Odessa Public Development Authority to Build Algae Pond for Biodiesel
Bio Blend fuels Inc. is working on Algae Biodiesel
University of Coimbra Researchers Identify Six Oil-producing Algae
Algae CO2 Capture in Coal Power Station
Iowa Approves $2 Million for Algae Fuel Project
GPRE and Bioprocessalgae LLC Complete $2.1 Million Grant for Algae Pilot Project
Genifuel Gasifies Algae to Get Natural Gas
First economical process to turn Algae Oil to Biodiesel - Ben Wen
Terrafinity catalyst for high FFA feedstock - Wake Forest University
Sapphires Carbon Calculation for Algae Cultivation
San diego research Institutes, Biotechs to collaborate on Algae Biofuel
California Trusts Algae for GHG Emission Reduction
Algae-to-Fuel Research Enjoys Resurgence at NREL
Defense Officials Take Active Interest in Green Energy
Innovation Fuels Working on Algae and pennycress Recently Receives BQ-9000 Accreditation
Air Force Explores Algae & Corn Husks to Power Aircraft
Canadian government funds eight carbon-capture technology projects
Powerful Ideas: Wringing Oil from Algae
Lipid Productivity Of Algae Grown On Dairy Wastewater As A Possible Feedstock For Biodiesel
Cheaper way of Making Biodiesel from Algae
APS to Bury C02, Run Experimental Algae-biofuel Plants
Thermo-chemical Conversion to Make Biofuels From Algae - A Reality
Indonesia and South Korea to Develop Biofuel from Seaweed
Solid Catalyst to Convert Algae into Biodiesel
Catfish Farmers Becoming Landlords of Algae
PetroSun provide Algae Biodiesel for Emissions Studies
BioCentric Energy to Unveil the Algae Pro Closed Loop Photobioreactor Solution
Shell Awards Prize For Scottish Bioenergy Cooperative Ventures
Hemmers Thinks Algae as most Promising Source
Algae Fuel: The Evolutionary Reason It Actually Works
Algae a credible source says Professor Lance Schideman
Innovation Fuels Works on Algae, Jatropha & Pennycress
Solarvest Bioenergy Inc, receives Atlantic Innovation Fund Award
Petroalgae Grows Algae In Fellesmere
Algae Biodiesel Costs 33$ a Gallon
Solazyme Differs from its Competitors for its Algae Strains
Biofuels: The Next Generation - Algae
Primafuel, Converting Algae to Green Gasoline
Liverpool John Lennon airport Uses Algae For CO2 Sequestration
Lynch Explains Algae Technology in SCIA Annual Meeting
Large-scale Algae-to-Biofuel Research Project in Nevada
Cyanotech Sold 600 gallons of Algae Oil to Sapphire Energy
John Benemann - New Advisor to Future Fuels Consortium
Industrial Algae Plant Configuration Face Problems
Ben Gurion University, Primafuel Join on Algae Biorefinery
Primafuel Algae Biorefinery Program to produce Fuels and Other Products
Defence Research Laboratory (DRL), Tezpur, India is working on fresh water algae as source for bio-diesel
Algae Biofuel Project by SARDI and Flinders University Builds Open Raceway Ponds on Torrens Island

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