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Nature gave us oil from algae; perhaps we should try Nature’s way again
Managing algae has been the nemesis of pond owners and aquarium owners. It is unsightly and can become a menace if not controlled. In extreme instances, algae can grow until it suffocates your plants and fish, and completely fills a pond. However, there are reasons this occurs and plenty of precautionary measures that can be taken to prevent such uncontrolled growth.

 Algae thrive for the same reason the plants in your garden thrive. They need a light source available, nutrients to feed on, and water. Without any one of these three present, algae will not be able to grow. In order to control algae in your pond, you will need to control one or all of these factors. We will obviously ignore the water factor, since we do not have a pond at all if we do not have water. That leaves us with light and nutrients as elements we can control.

 Not all algae in the aquarium is necessarily 'bad' - a certain amount is inevitable where there is water, light and nutrients. However, some types of algae are certainly a nuisance, if for no other reason than looking unsightly.

 The control or prevention of different algae types is primarily about nutrient control, and the amount of light. There are therefore some general guidelines which can be followed to help minimise algae.

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